5 Common Web Design Flaws that SMEs Commits


Say what you will, but a poor website is a dampener to the business of a company. As professional web developers, the onus is upon you to put together a good website that meets all the demands of the client and also do not fall short of the standards set by the market. Custom web development in Indiais widely offered today. So make sure you stand out by sheer ingenuity. While doing so, there are a few things which if incorporated in your web design will be nothing short of suicidal. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Businesses all over, small and big, have to cater to a large audience who are accustomed to searching for things online. A failure to do this can hugely impact the revenue of the business.

Here is a list of 5 common web design flaws that you would want to avoid.

Not making the site mobile friendly.

No matter what the current online traffic is, you owe a vast majority of it to mobile users. People prefer to access websites through their phones which is why it is imperative to adopt mobile-friendly design as your design philosophy.

Ignoring SEO

The big companies owe a large part of their revenues to SEO. By optimising content, they are actually attracting the audience in large numbers. It is an ideal way to enlarge the customer base of SMEs. Of prime importance are the H1 tag, content quantity, and quality. It will do good for web designers to stay away from pop-ups and the likes of large images and media files, the kind that take a lifetime to load! SEO, when it boils down to it, is the tool to rank your pages higher in the Search Engine Result Page. SEO is a healthy investment that SMEs should not hesitate to make.

Content quality

Content is the ultimate decider, no matter what. Compromising content will prove to be irredeemable. You can go to the extent possible to enrich the hassle-free user experience, but if the content falls short of the mark, your online visibility will not sustain. Custom web development in Indiahas reached a point where it is both feasible and easy to create tailor-made content for your website. Make the most out of this situation in the coming days.

Complexities in web design

Keeping things simple and easy ought to be the motto of every web designer. Avoid unnecessary complications. Sophistication is not very well-received. More importantly, give the users easy access to what they are looking for. Do not make the web visitors go on a hunt for contact information because they won’t!

Poor Call to Action

The website, so as to make sure the users are provided with the best possible experience, should make it a point to prompt them in the right direction. Guide them. From the consumer’s perspective, the website should make sense. Usability trumps intricacies in design anytime any day.

Custom web development in Indiahas flourished because of the quality of its services and has steered away from these web design flaws. It is at a stage where it can play the game-changer to the fortunes of a company. This is especially crucial for SMEs where every penny counts

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