5 Ways You Can Eat Healthy Even on Busy Weeks


Our biggest excuse for not eating healthy is usually that we are too busy. We are too busy to cook everyday or shop for healthy fresh food. But what we need to understand that nothing can be more important than our health. While we pursue some lofty goal at the cost of our health, our body will soon start to show signs of neglect and bad living. So, just plan ahead, arm yourself with tools like Chicago restaurant coupons and follow our easy health tips for the busy bee.

Junk all that junk

Remove the temptation. If there is no junk in the house, you won’t be stuffing yourself with it. Throw out those chips and readymade food. It may fill you up when you are on the run, but it is full of just empty calories. None of it will do you any good. But the harm will stay with you for years to come.

Start keeping fruits

Fruits are not just healthy, they are also an easy meal! Think about it. You don’t need to cook an apple or pear to eat it. Make sure your fridge has a lot of fruits, so that its always there when you are hungry. Instead of grabbing the fries, you will find yourself eating a banana! Vegetables that don’t need cooking like carrots, are also a good buy. A little homemade dip and you have a perfectly good snack ready.

Plan, prep and make ahead

There is nothing better than homemade food. You can have complete control over the ingredients used. When you cook at home, you don’t add harmful chemicals and preservatives that often lace packaged and processed food. Since, you are too busy to cook everyday, we recommend that you cook during the weekend and freeze your meals in batches. You can also do some simple prep work, like keeping cut vegetables, and just make a quick meal during the week.

Sauces and dips

Make some easy sauces, like a pasta sauce or pesto and freeze it in cubes. You can even make dips the same way. Just bring it to room temperature or heat up when required.

Get those coupons

For special treats, go to an established restaurant. A little bit of splurge is healthy for the soul and a top restaurant will at least serve you a quality meal. You can even find eateries that specialize in healthy, seasonal food. Too expensive? Just get Chicago restaurant coupons!

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