The Acquisition of Social Media Platform by Instagram


When the era of Social media apps started, people were gone mad. Every single person bought a smartphone, and they started spending a lot of time on these apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. People spend bucks on buying high internet speed pack with a lot of internet data so that they keep using these apps for a long time. Five-six years back, many apps didn’t have features like the present, and people still used to upload loads of images, videos, etc.

Instagram – Conqueror of Social Media

Instagram has touched the heart of billions. There are millions of active users across the world, and as per the analyst report, the Instagram is now worth billion-dollar app. Most people have shifted their attention from Facebook to Instagram and have started spending more time on it. The figures for users and revenue have been doubled as compared to last year. The design features of Instagram are the stardust of the app. Instagram is more people among youth who like to share their story, upload tons of images, like meaningful posts, etc. The interface is more interactive and intuitively designed that people now spend most of their time on it. Swiping their finger among the dozens of posts

The real purpose of Instagram

In many ways, Instagram has served the purpose of what users’ desire for. They have established a very strong connection and have grown their network ten times what they couldn’t able to achieve through other apps. The revenue system of the Instagram is growing larger as compared to any other social media app. Most people when uploaded an image on Instagram, they spend time adjusting the filters for beautifying, thus making the picture prettier. A lot of people show off their life venture through images, videos. Their post range has widened and represented the content in a very curated and polished way. A lot of aspirations can be drawn from the platform. Most people wanted to build a string of real Instagram likes network of users.

Many people promote their business through Instagram and have used the platform for lead generation and large-scale marketing of the business content. For an e-commerce business, people find Instagram best that any other social media platform. They believe that it’s easy to grow loads of traffic towards the website and they can easily endorse their product line. People often keep on hunting for new exciting offers and promo codes. Instagram provides them thus laying a strong foundation of business marketing spot.

Many people relieve their mental pressure and stress by spending time on Instagram. When people start liking your content, gradually their base count increases and that’s how the Instagram has boosted up


The Instagram has grown wildly than any other site. It’s like they have swapped the competition. It led the people straight to the kind of post they like, and a number of images strongly start projecting as per the feature and user’s taste. It has successfully generated the revenue for its creators.

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