The Appeal Of Iphone 5s Is Still Intact!


Apple’s iPhone 5S was once the star phone in the market. Possessing features such as a fingerprint reader it was one of the foremost smartphones in the world to, stock your biometric data. Having been released in the September of 2013, the 5S is not a new model but it still attracts due to the fingerprint reader, a 4in LED-backlit widescreen and brilliant build quality.  After all a respectively swift processor, breathtaking shape and a wonderful operating system, makes it a device to be enjoyed!

Isn’t it Getting Replaced by the better options?

Despite getting replaced by the bigger, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, followed by iPhone 6S and 6S Plus the 5s, is still vending from many high street retailers. It is needless to say that its charm has not withered. People, who are planning to step in the world of IOS, are inclined towards 5s. After all, its price might have dropped a little but the quality and performance is still intact!

Compatibility is Unbroken

Another important thing to consider here is that the iPhone 5S is still compatible with latest versions of the iOS, including the latest version of iOS 10. It simply means you are advantaged owing to better Notifications, outstanding Application switcher & all-new iOS design. Of course, this is important when you take into account how outdated some of the older versions of iOS look.

It is inevitable that these 5S will sooner or later stop getting iOS updates, and it will happen sooner than with iPhone 6, etc. However, it is not wrong if we say that customer have better future-proofing in case you go for a newer device.

A Peep into the Reviews of 5s

On a quick glance there is not much to tell about this model from the iPhone 5. However, the 5S is all the same gorgeously made and a desirable phone. It is an upgrading on its predecessor in essentially all possible ways.  Apple hasn’t skimped on best materials here. You can experience it in the metal body and Gorilla Glass covered screen that feels and looks fantastic.

Moreover, apart from the materials the focus on every feature catches the eye. The well-shaped aluminium rear sits completely flush with the glass panels settled at top and bottom. The device’s trim slanting edges are ideally formed and the 7.3mm thick body feels unbelievably comfortable in hand. Weighing only 112g it is ridiculously light when you handle it for the first time and the gadget, is unbelievable to look at and hold! Similarly, this model is hard-wearing as well. The credit goes to its hardy aluminium body.

In case, you are switching from a large-screen Android phone then the iPhone 5S may look a little tiny. However, for all practical commitments it is still a great size. It easily fits in your hand, allowing you to use it with only your thumb, while you can also place it comfortably in any of your pockets. All in all this iPhone model is bang for your buck.

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