guide to Bhopal

Backpacking guide to Bhopal


Being a varied landmass with different topographical features in each and every corner, India as a country is a rather interesting destination to backpack through. One of the most suitable and ideal destinations when it comes to backpacking is Bhopal.

This city of Madhya Pradesh, located right in the centre of the country, is one of the loveliest places that you will come across in the country. With a rich history of nawabs and begums, Bhopal is known for many things. Well if you are thinking about planning a backpacking trip to Bhopal then first check out the WelcomHeritage Noor us Sabah hotel Bhopal tariff  in order to find the perfect accommodation in the city. Once your hotel reservation is set, you can explore some of these places in Bhopal, while backpacking through this state in central India:

  1. Upper Lake: This is a must visit destination on your Bhopal tour. In fact, this is the star attraction of this place. The serene waters of this lake and the greenery that surrounds it paints a rather relaxing picture, making it one of the ideal locales in the city for unwinding. The Upper Lake which is an artificial lake was built during the time of Raja Bhoja. What was once a major source of water for this region is today one of the most celebrated tourist spots in the city. Just a few kilometres away from the Upper Lake is the Lower Lake which too has a commanding view, making it an ideal place for a visit.
  2. Gohar Mahal: One of the most interesting phases in the history of Bhopal was the rule of the begums. Yes, you heard it right, Bhopal was once governed by a series of begums under whose reign not only the governance but the art and architecture of the city too flourished. One example of this period is the Gohar Mahal built during the reign of Gohar Begum, who was the first official begum ruler of Bhopal. It is a standing example of the glorious past of Bhopal, though the place needs immediate attention of preservation.
  3. Van Vihar National Park: If you are feeling like taking a walk through the natural surroundings in Bhopal, then this the ideal place to visit. Set out from the hotel India Bhopal where you will be staying early in the morning and visit this lovely national park, which is located right in the centre of the city. There are many rare species of birds and animals here which makes this place worth the visit.
  4. Manav Sangralaya: If you want to know more about the indigenous culture and life of this place, then do head out to this museum which has an elaborate display that narrates the life of Bhopal. Take note though that this museum remains closed on Mondays.
  5. Taj-ul-Masjid: The largest mosque in the city definitely calls for a visit during your backpacking tour. A fine specimen of architecture of its time, the meditative atmosphere within the mosque will make you feel at peace.

So, when backpacking through the city these are some of the most important places that you ought to visit. Start planning your trip, today!

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