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Cabinet Knobs and Pulls- All You Want to Know


Often your life gets disturbed due to such small things, that you haven’t thought of ever. What will you do if the knobs of your kitchen cabinet stop working? You will get tensed if the knob of the locker, where you keep your ornaments, isn’t sturdy enough. See, these are essential things and you need to focus on them with time. While installing cabinets or cupboards, you should think of the provision of opening and close them.

Knobs or pulls are the best things for that purpose. There are different types of knobs and pulls are available at the market. You can buy ceramic cabinet knobs online, or buy designer pulls for your closets. Which one is better? Here you will get detail account of both. Decide yourself!

What to Buy- Knobs or Pulls?

It is true that knobs and pulls are different in looks, shapes,and sizes, but when it comes to functionality, it works same. So, while choosing between the two you should remember the only criteria, and this your preference. According to some, pulls are modern and sleek while the knobs are classic and vintage. Whatever it is, you can buy anything from them, depending on the colors, shapes, sizes, styles,and materials.

Types of Knobs

If you follow the designs, there are different types of knobs available at themarket. But, there are two basic types of knobs- solid ones and the hollow knobs.

  • Solid knobs are quite substantial and made of solid piece of metal. These are also a bit expensive as more materials are used to make these types of knobs.
  • Hollow knobs are not solid from inside and therefore, these are quite lightweight. These knobs are perfect for designing, coloring or printing patterns and textures on it.

Usually, these knobs are available in different shapes, like round, oval, square or available at sculptural design.

Types of Pulls

If you buy pull, you can have different options. The common types of pulls are-

  • Handle Pulls

These are the basic types and used most commonly. These are usually installed horizontally on drawers and vertically on cabinets.

  • Bar Pulls

These are kind of similar that of handle pulls but there is more space to hold it as it is attached to the cabinet with a mid-section. These are applicable for modern designs.

  • Finger Pulls

These are a bit unique than any other common types of pulls. You can open the cabinet door just by two fingers and the sleek design is perfect for modern cabinets.

  • Cup Pulls

These look smooth and gives you a country feel. Though you can install them in cabinets, these are more suitable for drawers.

  • Bail Pulls

These are also popular as drop pulls. It comes with two anchoring points along with a pivoting handle. These are exclusively made of drawers.

So, here you get certain ideas on cabinet doors and pulls. Buy ceramic cabinet knobs or pulls that best suits your cabinets the most.

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