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Carry Out a Ghat Tour in Varanasi


Varanasi is indeed the spiritual capital of India. The entire city is full of religious spots, shrines and ghats. Talking specifically about ghats, there are more than 87 ghats in Varanasi. Everyghat has its own charm and significance. A huge number of tourists and visitors visit these ghats throughout the year.

So, if you have never gone to Varanasi, you should carry out a trip in near future. Don’t think too much about your stayover because you can find the best hotels in Varanasi that too within your budget. So, for now, have a look at some of the popular ghats of this land.


DashashwamedhGhat is one of the most ancient and most significant ghats in Varanasi. The tourists can witness plenty of pandits offering their prayers to divine powers. During the times of evening, the whole ghat brightens up. Thousands of beautiful lamps get lit beside the river Ganga. The whole environment gets covered with loud chanting of mantras, celebrated bells and so much of delight. Divinity reins the whole ghat. Not only the locals but the travellers and tourists actively participate in the diverse activities of this ghat.


As per the past, it is considered that Goddess Durga thrown her sword in this popular Assi River. She performed such an act after killing demon Shumbha-Nishumbha. It is the reason that the entire spot is called AssiGhat. AssiGhat is scattered at the merging of River Ganga and Assi River. At this ghat, a giant Shiva lingam is situated under the peepal tree where the pilgrims cater Jal and worship after taking divine bath in water of Ganga. Another Shiva Lingam is located here known as Asisangameshwar lingam in a small temple of the marble nearto AssiGhat.


PanchgangaGhat has been considered to be the merging point of five sanctified rivers. These rivers are namely Ganga, Saraswati, Dhutpapa, Yamuna and Kirana. This is also the place wherein the Alamgir Mosque was built by the great Mughal monarch Aurangzeb on the site after destroying a big Vishnu temple built by the Maratha chieftain Beni Madhur Rao Scindia. Of course, the temple still remains here but it is somewhat tiny in its size.

Chet Singh ghat

Chet Singh Ghat is a historical Ghat. The place has witnessed a battle between the troops of Warren Hastings and Chet Singh in year 1781. The Ghat and fort were snatched from the British by Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh in second half of 19th century. In its original sense, the Ghat was known as KhirkiGhat. Now it has four portions known as Cheta Singh Ghat, NiranjaniGhatNirvaniGhat and ShivalaGhat. The ghat possesses three Shiva temples. Tourists visit this ghat in a large number and the crowd is superb during times of festivals. You can find a great joyfulness in the times of evenings at this place. Even amidst the massive noises, you can experience a strange kind of calm and tranquillity.

So, just grab your rooms in the best resort in Varanasi and carry out a cherished Ghat tour in Varanasi!

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