CBD Hemp Shops: 5 Working Methods to Rank Your Smoke Shop Higher in Google

CBD Hemp Shops: 5 Working Methods to Rank Your Smoke Shop Higher in Google


With CBD and hemp becoming legal in many states, there are numerous online as well as offline shops selling these products. So how you can get your smoke shop to the top of the search results of Google the search engine giant? Paid marketing can be a difficult option, as you have to keep your prices competent and it is a big investment too.

Going organic is the best way to reach to the top. Search engine optimization is the best way of online marketing of your smoke shop. Smoke shop owners are usually too busy to spend time on organic marketing. But here are some simple tips that will help you grow your online sales and become popular too.

  1. Go for organic SEO: Proper on-page and off-page marketing can show your website on the top 3 results of Google for popular terms such as “ smoke shops” or others such as “head shops”. Make sure to target relevant keywords and the website content should be such that it should help bring your website to the top. Choose keywords and content that attracts customers that are looking to buy rather than just information seekers.
  2. Focus on customer reviews: reviews by genuine customers play an important role in SEO. If you are showing up on the first page of Google, your rankings, as well as sales, can be improved a lot based on customer reviews. Customers usually prefer products and brands that have a good rating.
  3. Instagram marketing: your Google rankings go hand in hand with social media popularity. Instagram is the king of social media marketing platforms currently. Post around 3 times on this platform for grabbing your customer’s attention.
  4. Showcase your products: although most smoke store owners would want to keep their pricing private, this should not prevent you from showcasing your products. Utilize the power of e-commerce to show your products to the world. Upload good photos on your website and showcase your products to your potential customers.
  5. Do some blogging: there are lots of myths and facts that exist in the market with regards to CBD, its uses, effects and side effects. As a smoke shop owner, you can share your knowledge about CBD with others. This is an effective means of SEO and you can write blogs on specific strains that you sell. For example, write about some of the most popular weed quotes, and see if this can help with search engine rankings. This will help you get backlinks as well as marketing for your products. You can use these blogs for email marketing or as a weekly newsletter.

It is not difficult to reach to the top of Google rankings for your smoke shop. All you need to do is follow a few strategies and do SEO on a regular basis. If you get things done in the right manner it can give a huge boost to your sales. E-commerce is changing the way hemp shops used to operate. You should be open to adapt to modern trends and technology and then for CBD sales, the sky is the limit.

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