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Check out the picturesque city of Nainital


Which country comes to mind when you think of a grand vacation? India, right? Yes, it is very much true that India has hundreds of great places to visit. But most people go to the standard places such as Kashmir, Goa, Gujarat, Pondicherry etc. in addition to the metropolitan cities. It is to be noted that there are several other amazing places to see in India including a lovely little town called as Nainital.

Nainital is a picturesque place that is found in the Himalayan region of Kumaon in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is known to be one of the best states if you want picturesque views. It is a town that is around two thousand metres above the sea level which means that it has a colder weather throughout the year which is a welcome change when you look at the hotter regions of India.

Because of this amazing cool weather, people love to flock to this place in the summers.

Before Visiting Nainital

Because of the reasons that Nainital is a popular place of travel for tourists, especially in the summers, it may become difficult for people to get hotels during that time. So, you will do well if you can book some of the best resorts in Nainital beforehand, even before you land in the place. This will ensure that you have a guaranteed place to stay when you come here. It also ensures you have a base from where you can go out on your adventures.

Places to See in Nainital

This is a wondrous place that has tons of great places to see and enjoy. Some of these include –

Nainital Lake

This is a lake that is found in the centre of the city where a lot of tourists gather to admire the beauty of the lake. Since it is centrally located, it is easily accessible from most places in Nainital and the surrounding towns. You can even book hotels in Nainital that have a great view of this wonderful blue lake.

There are several activities like boating and zorbing that you can do here in this lake. Some of these are seasonal as they are difficult to operate during the rainy seasons.

G B Pant High Altitude Zoo

This is one of the highest altitude zoos in India. It is a fantastic place where there are several animals that are adept at spending their lives at the high-altitude places and Rocky Mountains. You can spend a whole day here with family and friends and even can plan a small picnic here as there are several grassy areas where you can spend some time. If you want restaurant food, that too is easily gettable inside the zoo itself.

So, you have just learned about the amazing town of Nainital. Make a plan with your friends, family and loved ones so that you can enjoy to the fullest and have a great experience in this mesmerizing little town. Happy Holidays!

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