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Different Types of Indo-Western Outfits You Should Try


In India, the fashion industry has seen a great change in the last few years. With the influence of the western culture, the fashion industry has combined the taste of traditional Indian wear and Western wear together. So, this combination of Indian wear and Western wear is termed as Indo-western wear. These dresses are gaining a lot of popularity because of its plethora of designs. Whether it is a wedding party, official meeting, or any occasion, Indo-western wear is ideal for all types of occasions and events. Women prefer to wear Indo-western dresses because they are quite comfortable and stylish as well. If you don’t get time to rush to the outlet or tailor for getting your Indo-western dress stitched, you also have an option to avail Online Tailoring Service.

Following are some of the Indo-Western Outfits you should try:

  1. Salwar Jumpsuit:

Salwar Jumpsuit is the simplest and elegant option in Indo-western. This jumpsuit in the salwar pattern adds an amazing grace to your looks. If you look at this dress from the top, it looks like a dress, whereas if you look at it from the bottom, it looks more like a salwar. It looks quite cool if you wear it for a cocktail party or a family dinner.

  1. Off-Shoulder Poncho and Salwar:

It is another amazing Indo-western wear with a salwar. Pair your beautiful poncho top with Aladdin style loose pants. The of-shoulder top having an embroidered bottom hemline makes you look cute and stylish. Wear this beautiful dress to some family party.

  1. Lehenga with Off-Shoulder Fringe Choli:

To look extra glamorous, ensure to wear the pretty lehenga with an off shoulder top. This combination of traditional Indian lehenga and western off-shoulder top can make you look amazing and pretty. Ask your online tailors to stitch this type of dress for you if you have to attend some wedding party.

  1. Slit Kurtis with Low-Waist Pants:

Pair up your front-slit kurtis with the low-waist 70s pants to look sexier and gorgeous. This Indo-western dress is so much in trend these days and you can wear this dress to any casual party or even to your workplace.

  1. A Pair of Skirt and Crop Top:

From teenage girls to women, the beautiful combination of a crop top and the pretty skirt is the favourite for everyone these days. No matter whatever the occasion is, this beautiful Indo-western dress adds charm to your lovely looks.

  1. Cape Maxi Tunic:

Look pretty in a beautifully embroidered cape over the maxi tunic that offers you both traditional look as well as western look. Ensure to tell what type of cape you want to your online tailors and get your dress stitched the way you want. If you are wearing a maxi tunic of silk fabric, make sure to wear the cape made of a net material for the beautiful look.

Are you planning to get an Indo-western dress stitched for some occasion? If yes, look at the Indo-western dresses discussed above and pick as per your choice. If you don’t find time to rush here and there to buy the pretty dress, avail the online stitching services that make it easier for you to get the desired dress at your doorstep.

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