Different Types of Automobiles Parts

Different Types of Automobiles Parts, Uses and Applications


Automobile parts are the parts that are used to transport people and items from one location to another location. The automobiles parts India consists of various types, depending on their shape, size, engine type, drive type, engine position, layout, propulsion system and the place where they run like air, water, track, underwater etc.

Anything that has its own power source and can move on the road is named as an automobile, such as a car. It is a vehicle which is powered by electric battery or fuel cell etc. Below are some types of the automobile:

  • On the basis of load:
  1. The heavy transport vehicle also is known as the heavy motor vehicle.
  2. Light transport vehicle (LTV) or light motor vehicle (LMV).
  • On the basis of wheels:
  1. Two-wheeler vehicle like a motorcycle, Scooty, scooter etc.
  2. Three wheeler vehicle like auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw etc.
  3. Three wheeler scooter for handicaps and tempo etc.
  4. Four wheeler vehicle like car, jeep, buses, trucks etc.
  5. A six-wheeler vehicle like big trucks having two gear axles.
  • On the basis of fuel used:
  1. Petrol vehicle like a motorcycle, scooter, cars etc.
  2. Diesel vehicle like trucks, buses etc.
  3. An electric vehicle that uses the battery to drive.
  4. A steam vehicle like an engine which uses the steam engine
  5. A gas vehicle like LPG and CNG vehicles.
  • On the basis of body style:
  1. Sedan hatchback car
  2. Coupe car station wagon convertible
  3. Van special purpose vehicle like an ambulance, milk van etc.
  • On the basis of transmission:
  1. Conventional vehicles with a manual transmission like the car with 5 gears
  2. Automatic transmission, gears are changed automatically.
  • On the basis of the drive:
  1. Left-hand drive
  2. Right-hand drive
  • On the basis of driving axle:
  1. Front wheel drive
  2. Rear wheel drive
  3. All-wheel drive
  • Positions of the engine:
  1. An engine in front like all the cars.
  2. An engine in the rear side like Nano car etc.

So these are the types of automobiles on which they depend. Now let’s talk about the automobile engine. It is the combination of all parts of an engine which makes the car moves faster. Main parts of an automobile engine are:

  1. Engine block: It is used to support the components of the engine.
  2. Piston: It is used to transfer the force from gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft.
  3. Connecting rod: It is used to connect the piston to the crankshaft.
  4. Crankshaft: It is used to translate linear piston motion into rotation.
  5. Valves: It is a device which regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid.
  6. Camshaft: It is used to operate poppet valves.
  7. Spark plug: It is used for delivering electric current from the system named as ignition system to the chamber of combustion.
  8. Gasket: This is simply a mechanical seal that fills the void between two or more mating surfaces.

Except for these main parts of the automobile engine, there are more other parts of an engine. Basically, the automobile is used to transfer the items from one place to another and automobile parts India are easily available in the market.

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