Different Types of Hair and Scalp

Different Types of Hair and Scalp


You must have seen how different each hair type is. This is because the sebaceous gland on the scalp plays an important role in determining how your scalp will be like and accordingly the kind of hair you’ll have. The sebum production is a natural process that adds to the lustre and strength of each hair strand.

But sebum alone is not enough to determine how your hair will look like. What you eat, your blood circulation, drugs, tension, aging, emotional distress, etc, all play a very huge role in the production of sebum. A lot of products all over the world are designed specifically to compliment different kinds of hair to create healthy, strong and natural hair.

 Scalp and hair types fall into the following categories:

  1. Oily: Oily hair type has an excess amount of sebum production due to overactive sebaceous glands. This makes the hair lank, limp and dull looking. Oily hair can be the result of hormonal changes occurring during menopause or when girls and boys hit puberty or it happens due to dandruff. You can use best professional dandruff shampoo to get rid of the dandruff. A lot of people have an oily scalp naturally which leads to greasy hair. People who have blonde hair have finer hair which is more susceptible to oil accumulation than dark hair. Good quality, excess oil removal shampoos clean the hair without stripping it of essential nutrients and moisture.
  2. Dry: Dry hair looks very lifeless and dull, and the worst part is that it is more prone to breakage. Dry hair can be stretched only upto 15 percent of its complete length, whereas, healthy hair can be pulled up to twice of this amount, in fact more when it’s wet. The common cause of dry hair is not drinking enough water, staying out a lot in the sun and the overall water retention being less than 4% and 13% of the total hair volume. Getting dry hair back to normal is not very difficult. If you make a change in your lifestyle and change the products you use on a daily basis then you can nourish the cortex and smoothen the cuticles for healthy hair.
  3. Normal: Normal hair is supple, shiny and looks great. This is a result of a healthy and well balanced lifestyle which is combined with great hair care along with the correct products.
  4. Mixed: Most hair types are of this condition. A poor scalp and overworked sebaceous glands create a layer of sebum which can be absorbed right back into the scalp. This prevents many essential oils from working through the entire length of the scalp. This scalp condition is a very common reason behind Pityriasis steatoides. A mixed hair type has frizzy and dry ends that break very easily, along with really oily roots. With such a hair type,it is important to apply ketomac shampoo to the targeted area to ensure the problem is dealt with.

It is not an easy task to take care of your hair on a daily basis but every hair needs a good session of hair care and love at least once a week. So take out time from your busy schedule and give your hair the pampering it deserves.

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