E learning for Hospitality

E-learning can play a major role in Hospitality and telecommunication



Staff preparation is vital in the Hospitality sector. It enhances productivity by mounting professional knowledge and experienced skills. On the other hand, telecommunications primarily comprised of telephone calls and lines and also held the crown of being the largest revenue earners for the companies in the field of telecom. Over last few years this situation has changed a lot, and nowadays one can see the benefits of e-learning to various fields of the economy including automobile, telecom, pharmacy and other industries.

Varieties in the endeavor

 E-learning for Hospitality and telecommunication in the industry includes a lot of different types of arenas namely Apprentice training, certification programs, process training and so on. A lot of training is done on-the-job which is an overshadowing task and also affects productivity as more trained employees have to take up training new hires simultaneously with their assigned jobs. Then there is the time for achieving perfection, an essentiality in the hospitality and telecommunication sector, thereby affecting the productivity negatively. The E-learning training material needs to be repeatedly consistently updated as the technology keeps on changing regularly. To update the latest aspects of the field one needs to add more content in the material at frequent intervals.

Challenges and solutions

E learning for Hospitality incurs challenges in the process of imparting training to the fresher and the canons. There are various modules in the learning that can help the learners to get command on various subjects.

Hospitality is a very ready for action industry. With newer cast list in the market, each day- employees have to be persistently motivated to do better than their best. It is a challenge to make training interesting for the already exhausted workforce, especially courses which bear extensive information. Within the training materials of the employees,  there needs to be the main role of soft skills. Hence there is also the scope of this section in every material provided by the experts in the field. One can check the material online before buying, and many of the providers of this material also offer customised services that can suffice the requirement of the concerned field.

Solutions – There is indeed the solution to the E learning telecommunications and hospitality problems. In the hospitality sector responsiveness to diverse culture by creating courses where the student can be aware of these nuances and therefore provides a better experience to their clients, in turn, churning out a greater reputation for exemplary services. Housekeeping-Innovative courses to be introduced on Hygiene and Housekeeping make these often monotonous subjects, interesting and useful.

Guest handling-Sensitive topics like Responsible Alcohol Service are brought into consideration which simultaneously alters the attitude instead of the behavior in the hospitality sector.

The solutions for the telecommunication sector are mostly customized, giving prime importance to varying learner silhouette and instruction necessities. Scenario-based training in the telecommunications sector can also be developed to train employees on more rapid and error-proof verifications that provide mock scenarios to the learners –preparing them to take quick action in the battleground.

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