benefits of Rexobol Tablets

Effects and benefits of Rexobol Tablets


Rexobol tablets are commonly used by bodybuilders at the time cutting and bulking cycle. It is a revised form of Stanozolol steroid which is created by underground labs. It is designed in such a way that it gives mimic effects of other steroids like increase in lean muscle mass, improves strength and endurance and helps to maintain muscle mass gain. It is an oral steroid found in 10mg tablets strength. Oral anabolic androgenic steroids have the risk of increasing liver toxicity. The limit is 20mg to 80 mg per day and can be divided into three equal doses per day to avoid side effects of Rexobol tablets.

Every product comes with positive and negative effects so does anabolic androgenic steroids. Once you start consumption of any steroids you need to understand the main side effects of all anabolic androgenic steroids which include Stanozolol and Winstrol. The side effect of Winstrol and Stanozolol is less noticeable as compared to other steroids. The negative effects are based on some of the factors such as period of usage, total dosage quantity, general health and your diet plan. You should follow a healthy diet plan which is rich in fatty acids to avoid the side effects. Below are some side effects of Rexobol tablet that can be seen by the bodybuilders for using it for a longer duration.

  • Increase in the level of cholesterol – If you have a history of heart disease than you should not use this tablet because it negatively affects the cholesterol level like it increases the LDL and lowers the HDL level. If you have a poor reading of cholesterol then also you should avoid this steroid. It is advisable to follow some diet which is cholesterol friendly along with this steroid to avoid negative effects.
  • Highly toxic to liver – the level of liver enzyme will increase when you take this supplement. Once you stop using this medicine the liver enzyme comes to normal level so it is up to you to maintain the level of liver enzyme.
  • Effects on Men – the main side effects of this supplement is suppression of testosterone which result to lower sex drive as well as changes in sperm. So it is recommended to combine this supplement with a particular form of steroid which is used to increase the level of testosterone. In this way you can maintain the testosterone level and lead a normal sexual life.
  • Hair Loss and acne – the two potential side effects of Stanozolol is hair loss and acne because it is DHT based anabolic steroid. Hair Loss does not means that you will be bald but will see a visible difference in the hair fall.

Any steroids that are consumed by humans should be watched carefully so that you do not get affected with its side effects. You should also consider that any steroid is beneficial depending on the body type as each body is different from the other. So know your steroids before use.

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