Are You Eligible For Canada Visa


Canada has been one of the most comfortable places to get the permanent resident visa for the past few years.  The Flexible immigration procedure offered by Canada enables every immigrant to move to Canada at ease. There are many varieties of immigration program available in Canada. However, you can choose the best one that enables you to receive the PR card in less time. Canada has announced a recent immigration process, which is point-based immigration. This new immigration system will hire the immigrants based on the Comprehensive ranking system (CRS). One can get the CRS points based on their education, skill, language, work experience, and such factors.

What is Canada Permanent Resident visa?

Canada permanent resident visa let one work, live and enjoy the place. The immigrants who hold this PR card can live anywhere in Canada, as it is just proof that they are residing in Canada legally. The permanent resident can enjoy all the benefits of the Canada. In fact, they are eligible to intake the social and government benefits. Once you land in Canada, you need to show your PR card to various higher officials including employer, investors, government officer, and so on. If you want to travel to other countries, then you should possess this PR card. Hence, PR card is essential in Canada. Some of the exciting benefits are listed below

  • Enjoy health care benefits.
  • Enjoy the economic benefits of the country.
  • You are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship after three years.
  • Avail employment-related scheme such as low tax system etc.
  • You can sponsor any eligible relative of you with your PR card.

Requirement of PR card

One should fulfill the entire requirement that is set by immigration system of Canada.

  • Police and Health clearance.
  • One should possess ECA report.
  • One should have a minimum fund to stay in Canada.
  • You should have required educational qualification.
  • Language proficiency is either French or English.

What are the different methods to receive the PR card?

Canda provides more than 50 immigration program to select the individuals all across the world. If you want the permanent resident visa Canada, then you can apply for any of the best immigration programs. Some of them are

  • Express entry program.
  • Provincial Nominee Program.
  • Quebec selected skilled worker program.
  • Start-up visa.
  • Sponsorship program.

Are you eligible for PR visa?

The requirement and eligibility criteria of each Canada permanent resident visa are not same. However, most immigration programs hire the immigrants based on the point-score system. These points are given on the basis of education, career, and skills. Some of the most important factors are age, work experience, language ability, qualification, adaptability and much more. One should score at least 67 points out of 100 to get selected in Express entry immigration program. This program is similar to the CRS system. One should give the valid details while filling the application form.

If you want to know more about the Canada resident visa like eligible points and qualification, then you can talk directly to the immigration expert in Canada. Get the PR card and enjoy the cool Canada.

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