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Few Reasons why you should Travel to India in 2017


There are just a few countries in the world that once visited carve such a deep and long lasting impression on the visitors. India is one among them which gets into the heart of the travelers and never leaves after that.

It is because of the rich and unique cultural diversity of India and the endless physical features that overloads their senses with the beauty of this country. The lush beauty and the exotic architecture of India stun tourist’s who Travel to India.

We tell you, a trip to India will be a full of unexpected events and adventures that will pull you back to this land of adventures and stunning beauty again and again.

Travel to India

Following are some of the reasons why you should Travel to India in 2017:

Kindest and the most hospitable people in the world

The value of a place is determined by the people living in it. The people of India are known as kindest and the most hospitable people in the world. Whenever you travel to India, you just simply wander the streets or visit into a local’s home for feasting on a traditional food; you will surely be touched by the warmth of the locals.

Taj Mahal the most iconic symbol of India

 The Taj Mahal is unarguably the most iconic symbol of India and hence a visit to this marble mausoleum should be on your list. The Taj Mahal is one the seven most beautiful architectural wonders of the world. The history of this marble mausoleum dates back to the era of Emperor Shah Jahan. The historians of India write he built Taj in the memory of his favorite wife.

Traditional food of India

The traditional food of India is famous across the Globe and it is one enough reason why to travel to India. The food in the four regions of India, north, south, east and west is different in taste, spice and content. In North India, you will get a lot of spicy food to eat, cream curries, rogan josh, Tandoori chicken and Parathas etc. On the other hand the food in South India is less or almost no spicy. And there is hardly a dish in South served in which you will not find ingredients like Coconut, rice and sea foods.  Some of the very popular dishes of the South India are Masala Dosas, fish coconut curries. Since the large proportion of the population of the India comprises of Hindu who eat only vegetarian food, you will get a lot of dishes in India that are pure veg. Most travel companies include Traditional food of India in their India vacation packages.

Rajasthan the land of wonderful architects

Rajasthan is located in the North of India. It harbors majestic forts, opulent places images of Maharajas and Moguls that makes it look like a royal place. Moreover the Rajasthan is the land of Precious Jewels, camels and stretching desert landscapes.

Quite and Pristine beaches

The people of Europe love to spend time basking under the sun on the beaches. The Palm fringed beaches in the South of India are ideal to spent some time away from the frenetic City life.  The most popular beaches of India are in Goa but they are now overcrowded. On the other hand the remote beaches in Southern India are quiet and pristine than other beaches in the country.

Why it is best to book vacation packages India than travelling solo?

When you book vacation packages in India, you are able to make a complete tour of the place. But when you travel to India individually, it is difficult to visit all tourists’ places. There will be tourist spots at the location about which you may be unaware of but the tourist guide of the Travel Company will know about them.

The online travel agencies ensure safe journey when you travel to India. They are about the geographical, political and environmental conditions of a place. They will never take you to a risk zone

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