Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance –How To Treat It?


If you find it difficult to digest certain food in particular then, you may be suffering from food intolerance. Technically, many terms denote the same issue. Non-allergic hypersensitivity to certain foods is the most often used term in the clinical sector. Mind you, food allergy is very different from that of the food intolerance, though. In general, the allergies of any kind will target the immune system.

At the same time, the food intolerances do not. We could notice some of our family members to have problems in the digestive tract after having some specific food types. Therefore, they do not bother to eat at home during those days in particular. It is quite common in many families. How to get rid of these issues once for all? Will you be able to recognize the problem immediately? How does it feel when you are affected by food intolerance? The answers are here.


First of all, you need to understand that food intolerance originates from weaknesses in the intestine. When the bowel is maintained healthily by drinking lots of water and maintaining the proper diet, then you will not experience such issues at all. With age, there are chances to get afflicted with such medical ailments at one point of time or the other. So, do not take chances.

When you find some problems in the digestive tract, then you will seek the assistance of the physician at once. It helps you to fix the issue immediately without allowing it to aggravate any further. The symptoms, causes, and the treatment procedures are explained for a better understanding of the problem. That helps you to stay away from it altogether.


The symptoms for the food allergies as well as the problems in the digestive tract because of so many other reasons shall overlap at many times. Therefore, the diagnosis becomes a tough task for even the experienced physicians in the field. It is important to express how it feels and from when, to the docs.

Some people experience the following symptoms only after the problem persists for a long time

  • Bloating
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Headaches
  • Coughing
  • Hives


Lactase is the enzyme that is important for breaking down the lactose. It is the primary lesson in the school days. We might be knowing it, already. When this milk sugar, lactose, is not broken down in time, with the help of the enzyme called lactase, then food intolerance occurs. This is just one of the reasons. Other than that, there are so many causes for the food intolerance to occur in individuals.

Chemicals used in the food items like the packed chocolates, coffee powder and so on, can trigger the food intolerance. The amines present in the prepared foods can be the reason. Undercooked vegetables of the particular kind like beans, or peas can also be a cause. It is natural food, but still, that can also be allergic if it is undercooked. Only a few people are susceptible to this kind of allergens, though. In this case, there are possibilities to develop rashes, inflammation in the body, or feel nausea, and so on. Affected people may often vomit or suffer from dysentery too.

Salicylate is a byproduct of salicylic acid. If this is not digested, then food intolerance can arise in the individual. Most of the processed foods contain the salicylate in excessive amounts. Stay away from junk food.

Best treatment – anti-bloating pills

Physicians suggest the best gas pain relief medicine for treatment. Anti-bloating tablets can be of best help too.

Understanding reality is the best solution. As age passes on, the functioning of the organs of the body is sure to decline with time. It means you must be prepared to face reality. It is not something strange. Workouts are necessary to trigger the best action of the bodily parts. Enough oxygen must reach all the parts of the body. For that, you need to increase the blood flow to all the parts of the body. How would you do it?

The ideal way is to naturally increase blood circulation by increasing physical activity. When you are always busy for the entire day, then you are getting deep sleep. That helps you to keep ailments at bay. Body is capable of healing in its way. When this happens naturally, we do not have to rely on supplements, medications and so on.

Therefore, if you are looking for the natural treatment to the problem of food intolerance, then the best solution is to sit and reschedule your activities. Buy the best anti-bloating pills. Include physical activity without fail. The more active you are, the healthier you are in your mental state of mind as well as in your physical well being too. In that way, you can cut down the medical expenses, time and save a lot of money for your future.

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