How to File Your Canada PR Visa Application Online 2019


Canada is the most in-demand country within the circles of immigrants who are looking for better standard of living and development in their professional life. Best way for any immigrant to move to Canada is by getting the Canada PR visa. Having the Canada PR visa allows its holder to live and work anywhere in the country for 5 years. With the introduction of express entry program in January, 2015, applying for Canada PR visa has become an online process.  

Express entry program is the flagship program for Canada immigration via which potential immigrants all over the world can apply for Canada PR visa by the online portal of the express entry program. Having an online portal for Canada PR visa provides a pathway to the capable and skilled immigrants irrespective of their location to apply for the same. By doing this Canada is able to fill the gap for the skilled immigrants in their labor market and thus help in development of the country.

Having a Canada PR visa allows its holder to fully avail the benefits that comes with it like having access to the subsidized education, free healthcare system, no tax on income earned outside of Canada etc. Once the candidate becomes the permanent resident of Canada, they can sponsor the application of their family members or relative for PR visa. After spending three years in Canada, they can also apply for Canadian citizenship.

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has over 60+ immigration programs that provide the immigration pathway to the immigrants who want to move to Canada. Now some major immigration programs that provide a way to Canada PR visa are as follows:

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nomination Program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Family Sponsorship Program

Express entry program online for Canada PR Visa

For skilled immigrants looking to move to Canada can apply for Canada PR visa via the express entry program. A point-based program that manages the profiles of the candidates who have created their profile under the skilled economic immigration programs – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). For candidates to apply under express entry program, they can create their express profile via the express entry online portal. For this they have to submit their credentials and then their profile will be pooled together with the profiles of the other candidates into the express pool.

Express entry uses a ranking system – Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that ranks the profiles of the candidates based on the CRS score that is awarded to the express profiles depending on the factors like Core/ Human-capital factor, Skill transferability factors, Spouse or common-law factors and bonus factors. The higher ranked profiles are then issue an Invitation to Apply (ITA) via which candidates can apply for Canada PR visa to the IRCC.

Application submission to the IRCC can also be done via an online portal. With the application, candidates also have to upload the documents that are required for the process. Documents like valid travelling documents (passport), Education Credential Assessment (ECA), IELTS score etc all can be uploaded via the express entry’s online portal.

Once all the documents are uploaded, IRCC will do the background checks and the validation of the process. On successful evaluation of the application, candidates are issued the permanent residence visa. Once, the candidate lands in Canada, they are provided with PR visa by the immigration officer at the airport.

All the process for Canada PR can be done online and candidates do not have to go visit Canada for a single task. That’s one of the benefits of applying for Canada PR visa via the express entry program. Every process that is related to express entry program can be done online. Candidates can get their hands on Canada PR visa by sitting on their computer only and just have to go to Canada when they are ready to live and work in Canada.

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