How to initiate biscuit making business in India

How to initiate biscuit making business in India


In this article we will discuss about the best ways to start a biscuit making business in India.

Biscuit making business can be perfect for students, homemakers or even beginners. A day is just perfect to start with a cup of tea along with biscuits which are loved by people of all age groups irrespective of the geographical location they are situated in.

India has a good potential for biscuits and is consumed in every home on a daily basis. The demand for biscuits is very high at rural as well as urban section. Biscuit making business requires innovative packaging, multifarious flavours and customized product looks. It is very important to have a unique recipe for biscuit manufacturing business. At the same time, it is also important to understand what are the major prerequisites in order to start biscuit manufacturing business in India.

You need to register the business with GST (Goods and Service Tax, Food Safety License or FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Act of India), obtain Trademark and take required permissions from the required authorities:

Following are the licenses required for Biscuit Manufacturing Business in India:

Trade License: You need to obtain Trade License from the local authorities.

Obtain GST Registration/Number: One of the most important task is to obtain the GST Registration Number.

Trade Mark: You need to start your business with a unique brand name which is not identical and need to obtain Trademark for it.

MSME/SSI Registration: In case, you require a technology cooperation or subsidy from the Government, then you are required to apply and register under MSME online registration (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise)

NOC from the Pollution Control Board: You need to register your business with the localĀ  DIC (District Industries Center) office. In case, you are pushing further and intend to expand your brand as a business making company, you need to take a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Pollution COntrol Board.

FSSAI License: Biscuit is a food item and hence you need to obtain the FSSAI License. In order to obtain the license, you need to provide relevant FSSAI License Documents and fees as prescribed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

PFA Act: You need to make an agreement with the PFA Act and apply for Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specified quality standards.

Apart from the above prerequisites, you need to determine the location or area for biscuit making, the raw materials, machinery and manufacturing process for establishing your small scale biscuit making business. The most important criterion is to be compliant with the rules of the food safety and standards act.

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