How To Safely Pack And Move Your Heavy Furniture?

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Moving home is a daunting task and every homeowner has to go through the fear of sustaining damage to their assets. The core of all our household assets is the furniture, which is often the most bulky and large item to move from one house to another. It is often a challenge to ensure that those large, bulky pieces of furniture do not get damaged during the process. Well, if you are doing it without any professional expertise and equipment, you are outing your valuable assets at a risk. To protect your furniture from the heavy damage that can happen during the transportation, we have compiled a list of important things to keep in mind, as you move your precious furniture.

  • Know the valuation coverage and insurance options:

Moving is an unpredictable process and there are chances that you may have to face an accident. When an accident happens, things break, damages happen and the property owners suffers. This can even happen when you have hired a professional movers, because, after all, even they are humans. To ensure that you are able to cover the damages from the accident, you must look for valuation coverage and other insurance options.  The best State Moving Companies will offer you a range of valuation coverage options to choose from.

  • Work on disassembling whatever you can:

It is important to work on the furniture items that you van disassemble and make your move easier. Bed frames, tables and tops, modular sofas and dining tables are a few of the furniture pieces that needs disassembling before the move. However, youmust not try to do it on your own, until and unless you are sure about the process.

  • Take care of the screws, nuts, and bolts:

When you are disassembling your furniture, make sure you put all the screws, nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and do not miss on labeling each bag with the furniture’s name. This will make it easy to find the right gear to assemble a furniture, once you arrive at the new house.

  • Wrap the furniture:

To avoid scratches and dents, you must wrap the furniture in wraps and moving blankets. This makes a padded cover around your furniture and help you move it safe and sound to the new house.

  • Know how to move heavy-furniture:

You may think that moving heavy furniture is tough, but the fact that people actually try to do it on their own will certainly astonish you. But, this is the worst thing to do when you are moving a house. You should always take help from professional movers while moving heavy furniture. If you want to do it on your own, you must first learn how to move heavy furniture (special postures and tricks of making picking and moving furniture easy) before trying it out.

  • Hire the best moving experts:

To take care of your furniture, the best thing is hiring expert movers for furniture. They are the professionals with knowledge, experience,and equipment to make all the heavy-lifting easy.

Now that you know how to take care of your furniture during a move, you can start moving and enjoy the process.


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