Is Torrenting Completely Safe with A VPN? Yes Or No!


Most of us have come across a similar thought that is torrenting safe while using a VPN?  And never got a reply that fully assures us, but now is the high time of clearing your doubts and knowing how a VPN secures you while torrenting.

The answer to aforementioned question is both yes and no. Now you might be confused of how a question can have two answers. Let us clarify, it completely relies on you and which type of VPN you use.

We all know that torrent is one of the most hugely utilized file sharing protocol available on the internet. Just similar to ever prominent technology taking use of torrent can also land you in hassles. Some of us think that using torrent is illegal, but it’s not if used in a proper and legal way.

If you are sharing content that is completely free and approved to be shared over the web, then you are far more away from falling in troubles. In fact, there are a number of developers that use the means of torrent to distribute the information. However, if you are utilizing torrent to download or share material that is illegal or copyrighted, say paid software and movies, then it is not satisfying the legal criteria.

You must have thought why we are talking about legal and illegal while our focus was safe and unsafe? Because if you aren’t doing anything illegal you probably don’t require any safety measure, as torrents are used for illegal activities, so it satisfied our core focus.

Is torrenting safe with a VPN?

As we described earlier the safety completely relies on what type of VPN service provider you opt. The main rationale behind this is that some service providers agree to sell your private information in order to make some bucks or they are saving your browsing logs as per the regulations made by their government.

In case you are utilizing a free of cost VPN, there are more chances that you will fall prey to hackers and threats. These free service providers make their amount by vending your data to advertising companies and analytics firms. So using a free VPN is a big no due to security perspectives.

This might sound terrific, several countries have constructed rules and regulations which state that all the browsing logs will be saved at the server end and can unfold your logs anytime to know are you into something illegal.

Apart from all these, the security perspective is divided in two forms: security loopholes and phishing and hacking of the files you have shared.

What most of the people use to encounter is the second type. When we are using bit-torrent or any other similar software, we can easily check the IP addresses of other users who are downloading from seeding the same torrent. IP address is really crucial information and hackers can easily target it and can threaten you with some legal actions generated from your ISP.

So the question here is how to torrent safely using a VPN? Stick to the article and get your fact cleared.

Despite all the controversies, about torrents millions of users share information via them each day. So it needs to be safe and sound.

Is torrent downloading safe?

Most of the torrent users wonder how to safely utilize it and how the piracy issues can be prevented. Fortunately, most of the torrents are safe to use and have well established networks that are hosting the downloads.

However, you need to be aware as all of them are not marked as safe.  Most of them will convey malware while others may not. However, if some user decides to upload an infected file there are chances that these files will carry viruses with them and will infect the downloading machine too.

Stick to this thing if you want to download safely from torrent, while you also need to check that the files you are downloading are satisfying the copyright policies. Doing all these things will mark your downloading as safe and you will not encounter any legal consequences.

Who are aware about your downloads?

While using the internet medium for sharing the information, your download logs and download history can easily be leaked if you are not utilizing a VPN for torrenting. Most of the internet service providers have full right on what you are viewing and can take any legal action if found you guilty.

These days ISPs are becoming more powerful and can take even a single activity, so if you are illegally torrenting, you are under surveillance. They are also curious to know about the bandwidth you are consuming. In layman, many internet service providers will slow down your internet speed (throttle your bandwidth) if they found you using a torrent service. This is the prime reason why you should use a best VPN for torrenting.

Ever heard about copyright infringement?

A crucial issue, if you are tracked down downloading illegal stuff is copyright infringement.  Most of the companies look for torrent to check is there any pirated content similar to theirs, so they can summon you and land you in legal troubles.

Safe downloading with a VPN:

Privacy is not a thing that should be taken for granted. The online world is hungry for your private information and wants to use it for their benefits. Even if you are not doing anything illegal, you should always use a VPN for torrenting.

When you get started with the torrents, your ISP gets the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic and can smell that something fishy is going on. They can limit your bandwidth or can bombard you with unwanted emails and your IP address might also be exposed leading your location and information to the security agencies.

For above mentioned rationales, you should definitely deploy a VPN that can fortify you from all these issues making your activities completely anonymous.

How can one download anonymously with help of VPNs?

A reliable VPN assists you by re-routing through a different server all your internet traffic which helps in modifying your IP address. In case your IP leaks. it will not be the same you have. It will locate you at the server country of your VPN with an anonymous name that is hard to decrypt.

As all the information that flows through a VPN is encrypted, this assures that you are completely in the safe line. Following this path, you can get amused with anonymous identity while downloading your favorites from the torrent.

Bottom Line:

While our answer to the question that is torrenting with a VPN is safe or not is still both YES and NO and you also know why. Whether you are into legal or something legal, using VPN for torrenting is strictly advised. Because it’s not always about the getting caught, privacy matters a lot. You can look for some excellent torrent VPN’s that are trending and marked as reliable. Also there are some limited period offers on these kinds of VPNs, so check them out and bag one before it’s too late.

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