Key Reasons to Upgrade to a Dedicated Hosting Plan

Key Reasons to Upgrade to a Dedicated Hosting Plan


As a business owner, you’ll reach a point where you have to upgrade your hosting environment to continue providing your users with an excellent browsing experience. VPS hosting may be a great option to move to, especially if you were on a shared hosting plan. But if you are anticipating a considerable growth, then you’ll quickly outgrow the VPS option.

The question becomes, which hosting option is great for your business?

If you are looking for more power and control, and a system that will support all your growth needs, then a dedicated server, or servidor dedicado, will be your best bet. Here are some key reasons to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan.

Absolute control                                          

Unlike shared hosting where you share your server with other people, a dedicated server gives you full control as you’ll be the only one using it. For this reason, you won’t have to deal with issues like slow speeds due to traffic surge on someone else’s website and so on. Ideally, you won’t be fighting for resources. Complete control over your server allows you to personalize setup by running antivirus software and firewalls, enabling or disabling functionality and running firmware updates.

Dedicated support

Since dedicated hosting is slightly costly compared to other hosting plans, most providers ensure to hire and train industry experts for their solutions – this includes their technical team, customer support, and even management. By investing in a dedicated server, you get to leverage all these experience, which is critical to helping your business grow. But before committing, take some time to do some research on your potential host to make sure they can help you.

More speed

With the attention span of human beings marked at eight seconds, you don’t want to have a platform that takes ages to load, because otherwise, you’ll end up losing lots of clients. A dedicated server doesn’t just offer you increased speeds, but superfast speeds, which is what you need to keep your impatient users ‘hooked’. Some research show that, a second of delay can result in a 7% drop in conversion rate – switching to a dedicated server can help you negate that.

Enhanced security

Shared hosting servers are often insecure, which of course is a problem because you risk losing your valuable data. If you are running an online store, for instance, you’ll be placing your client’s information at risk, especially if your shared server is unsecured. A dedicated server, on the other hand, is more secure because you can integrate security features like firewall and so on. And if there is any problem, it will be easier to pinpoint it because you are the only one on the server.

Resource intensive applications

If you are beginning to publish video content and host downloads or if your platform is continually expanding and bringing in more resources, it will eventually slow to a halt. A dedicated server will help keep your website going while upholding functionality. It provides the incredible infrastructure that allows a site to run as it’s intended to run.

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