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Do You Know What Oracle ATG Actually Is?


To begin with, ATG stands for Art Group Technology and all its right are with Oracle. Also, known as Oracle Web Commerce by many around the globe, the ATG is one of the best e-commerce solution software that gives superior customer experience with out of the world features.

What Does Oracle ATG Do?

Online shopping has never been as widespread and flamboyant as it is today. The field of online shopping and e-commerce is growing at unprecedented rates. At a time like this, the Oracle ATG can do wonders for you if you know how to use it, that is. In the recent times, ATG has come up with the leading e-commerce solution in the market today. The software has features like object-oriented concepts, great architecture and what not. It is the state of the art customer experience provider. Getting training in Oracle ATG is not a big deal. Anyone can do it. Oracle ATG training is available online.

The Oracle ATG basically brings a lot of tools and API to get the real life like shopping experience on the internet. The API includes already built implementations and functionalities such as add/delete products to bag, check out the orders, modifying product output. Long story short, everything that is already built in the Oracle ATG is termed as OOB or ‘Out of the Box’.

What Is Ecommerce?

To put it in short, E-commerce is the selling and buying of goods online. But that is just a short version of the definition. E-commerce can be broken down further into various categories. And they are –

  • B to B – It may be defined as the selling and buying of goods between business organizations. This includes manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.
  • B to C – This can be defined as the buying and selling of goods between business organizations and the consumers or the general public.
  • C to C – C to C commerce can be defined as the exchange of goods between consumers. This includes all the classified advertisements.

If you are planning to get Oracle ATG training, you need to know the basics first.

So, How Does E-commerce work?

The way E-commerce works can be explained the way any departmental store works. When you go inside a departmental store, you go in with a list of stuff to buy. You select those items and put them in your bag that is provided by the store. You ask the attendant if you need to search some of the items in your list. The attendant will inform you in case any item is not available. Finally, you reach the check-out counter where you pay the amount and take your goods home.

An Ecommerce works the same way. Except for the fact that it is on the internet. The interface has all the items that you need neatly organized in categories and all you need to do is select the desired items and proceed to checkout.

The Oracle ATG Online Training provides you with all the features that we just mentioned above and a lot more. Features like adding and removing from the cart, proceed to checkout, customizing product attributes like size, color etc. are a few features that Oracle ATG provides you with.

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