Know What Is The Procedure Of BOB Credit Card Application?


Bank of Baroda offers a wide range of credit card which caters to the needs of the individual. However, need to be mentioned one thing, and that is it’s a government bank that’s why mass easily trusts it. When you want unmatched services, so BOB is the perfect choice because they provide amazing facilities with a variety of BOB credit card.

Before it’s too late, you should go and grab the offers. For that, go to the official site and select a product according to your desires. Mention your information as per requirement on the application form, upload KYC with a recent passport size photograph, share registered mobile number and email ID. Before you can click on submit button, should check twice. If all shared data is as per lenders requirements, then you will receive your product 2 to 3 weeks.

How Can You Find Out Your Favorite Credit Card Out Of Various Choices?

It’s a fact when you can visit the financial world you will be confused because there is end number of choices, and out of various need to pick one as per your desires. So don’t worry, here is your solution. We can explain you one by one with features so that it’s going to be easy for you to select your favorite BOB credit card.

BOB Signature VISA Card

  • In this product, you need to pay Rs 1,000 for joining, annual, and add-on
  • It acceptable globally
  • You can get loyalty points
  • Collect 100% cashback loyalty points
  • Cash withdrawal 40% limit

BOB Platinum VISA Card

  • For this product, as an annual fee Rs 1,000 need to pay and joining fee Rs 500
  • On purchases of Rs 100, you will get one loyalty point
  • Up to 3 add-on card free
  • Interest rate 2.6% per month

BOB Titanium Master Card

  • You will get free personal accident coverage
  • Joining fee waived
  • Gather 100% cashback loyalty points
  • Cash withdrawal 30% limit

What Are The Conditions We Need To Follow, When Need To Apply?

The bank’s conditions are very simple eligibility, KYC, and income. These are the main factors, and you should be fit on it. For eligibility factor, you should be 18 years of age with a spotless previous history.

For KYC you need to submit identity proof, address proof, income proof, and a recent passport size photograph.

Are You Able To Make Payment Of Credit Card?

The bank of Baroda gives you all type of privileges from shopping to make payment. You can have net banking, autopay, mobile banking App, RTGS, NEFT, and more services. Before you can use online portal services, should register yourself. And operate the sites with own User ID and password.

How Can You Check Monthly Bank Statement?

The bank can send your report on registered email ID or either you can visit the branch and ask for a bank statement. With the help of monthly bank statement, you get to know the limit, expenses, swipe report, and CIBIL report.

One more privilege is BOB credit card customer care support. They can provide you toll-free helpline, so that you can ask your queries, share feedback or complaints easily. You can get the toll-free number from the website of the bank.

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