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Latest trend for men and women footwear


Somebody has rightly said that your feet and footwear gives the first impression of you to anybody who notices you. So it is very much essential that you invest in the best footwear paving the way to enhancing your personality to the very unsurpassed yourself. Not only does it serve as a necessary means of protection to your feet but it also serves as an important boost to your fashion game right away. According to various business magazines, India stands as the second largest producer of footwear around the globe. The growing Indian fashion and way of life has given a momentum to the footwear industry as well.

Whether it is for the men’s category or the women, footwear have now become an indispensible style statement for every category of people. Although footwear carries you for long distances, it is necessary that you invest smartly on the particular footwear that is best suited for the activity you are into.

Since sports, exercises, workouts in gym, walking round the park or jogging has been taken up by most of the health conscious men and women today, it is imperative that you go for branded sports shoes for mens and women sports shoes India to choose the footwear of your preference.

Depending on whether you are running long distances every day, or you are a person with heavy or light weight, or you are spending time by working out in the gym, you have to take extra care on the type of sport shoes you are purchasing.

Look out for shoes that help maintain a healthy weight thus strengthening your bones and muscles which in turn improve your performance in every activity you are into. Of course footwear for the same activity may be different for men and women. The women’s sport shoes will be a bit wider at the toes and narrower at the heel area while the men’s will be bit heavier and sturdy ones.

Women’s sport shoes will contain lighter and softer midsole than the version built for men. Since the women’s mass of the lower body makes it difficult to flex the midsole, the grooves carved out into the forefront of the footwear sole will be significantly deeper in the women’s footwear.

Apart from the above although the differences are significant in women and men’s sport shoes, yet it is advisable that instead of hopping into the local market, go for branded sports shoes for mens and women sports shoes India where you have the option to find your perfect fit with respect to design, colour, efficiency and durability of your purchase ultimately paying for your good health in the long run.

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