Lift advertising is the new stop for marketing.


Lift advertising is becoming a very fast enhancing medium for advertisers, not only in India but globally as well. It is thought to be a good long-term approach to consistent visibility. With time it has probably become the most effective advertising technique available in the sense of consumer awareness, as the occupants in an elevator are captive audiences with no distractions. When inside an elevator, people search for sources of information or entertainment to pass time. Unlike print or online advertising, lift advertising agency does not need to put on with the headache of competition, to grab audience’s attention. It already has the audience who is seeking for distractions.


The advertisements through all the mainstream mass media and billboards are getting too vague and people have found out every way to ignore them and avoid them. Lift advertising has become a very effective solution for your flyers, shows, business cards, launches, announcements, etc. It is quite surprising that lift advertisement has been embraced as a medium so late. This high frequency medium is supposed to attract the eyes of audiences multiple times on a daily basis as they go to their workplace or back to their buildings. Having access to a limited audience removes the wastage of media and you get an idea where to advertise your products or services.


Previously TV was the best media in the advertising world. But with increase in competition, audiences are so bombarded with useless information and ads, they hardly keep any track on what they see or hear. Most of the time they ignore and actively avoid those advertisements. But with this new discovery, advertisers are able to narrow down their audiences and put them in a situation where they have no other way out than noticing. The key point for lift advertisement surely is creativity and composition. With the huge space available there is a large scope for creativity if utilised properly. The two closing doors of lift can act as a platform for genius ideas. Not to miss out the floor of lifts.


This is a form of advertisement people cannot miss or avoid. It plays in their brains on a daily basis, reminding them of the product and the brand name. Lift advertisements are effective in shopping malls, offices, high rise buildings, sports stadium, entertainment complexes and car parking. The best part is it is not just an advertisement but it is like a conversation between the audience and the ad. The reaction of the respondents is instant. The ads serve as a close connection to the audience demanding their attention. The lift marketing is the new trend in the advertising field and advertisers are willing to pay big amount to fit in their advertisements wherever possible. Lifts cannot be ignored or skipped and that’s what serves as a huge advantage. The new innovative advertising ideas are surprising and breathtaking. It’s a whole new strategy and is spreading across the world too fast. Soon it will take over all the other advertising medium and rank as the most popular one.

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