Make Some Cool Coolers at Home

Make Some Cool Coolers at Home


When summer strikes in humid countries like India, the raging sun above becomes uncontrollable. At the same time the continuous sweating leads to dehydration in a human body. Summer means one needs to keep a sipper in their bag from where they can sip glucose or water at regular interval to keep their body cool and hydrated all the time.

Summer is also the perfect time for some lovely summer coolers. One can easily prepare them at home and drink to keep themselves cool. They can also make them for the guests when they arrive from the scorching heat and they will feel instantly refreshed after drinking that. The purpose of mock tails is to cool the spirit and summer is the perfect time to drink them. One can find drink recipes in Hindi in any vernacular cook book and get a fair idea on how to make them at home.

Here are a few ideas of some lovely mock tails which you can make at home and surprise your guests or your family members and quench their thirsts.

Banana Strawberry Mock tail

To make this one needs ingredients like Strawberry crushes, bananas, cups of fresh cream and some crushed ice. One can also keep some slices of strawberries aside for topping purposes. One has to mix the banana slices with some strawberry shake and cream. Then they have added the crushed ice to that glass and then blend them properly. Then put the entire mixture into a serving glass and top them with some fresh strawberry slices before serving them.

 Carrot Orange Drink

Here one need things like cups of chilled carrot juice, orange juice, lemon juice, some honey and crushed ice to make the drink at home. Again one can keep sliced lemon and mint leaves aside for later addition. One has to put some orange and carrot juice in a glass and mix them well. Then add some honey, lemon juice and ice and put them all in a blender to mix them really well. After this is done, the mixture should be poured in a serving glass and then should be garnished with mint leaves and sliced lemons.

Lemon Espresso

Summer demands something cool. Why not try this refreshing drink instead of regular tea and coffee? One needs cups of creamy milk, chopped dark chocolates, instant coffee powder and sugar to make this. Do not forget to keep some grated lemon as well. Take a pan and put some milk in it. Then you have to add some coffee powder, grated lemon and chocolate in it. Stir and cook it on a flame. Put the mixture in a coffee mug and then serve.

Black Grapes mock tail

Arrange for some black grapes juice, a tea spoon of cumin seeds, thyme and some fennel seeds to make this. Keep some crushed ice and black and green grapes with it. Roast some cumin seeds, fennel seeds and thyme in a pan. Take some juice in a jug and put some black salt in it. Mix them well and put it in a glass. Garnish with grapes before serving.

 Drinks recipes for summer in Hindi is also available in cooking sites.

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