Maths in Everyday Life

Maths in Everyday Life

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In every aspect of our life, we use Maths principles. Maths tools help us balance our lives, financially. Whether it’s the matter of education, buying or selling a product, maintaining bills, household jobs, using kitchen tools, calculations related to your daily or monthly budget etc., we use maths on almost on our day-to-day life.

Maths doesn’t have any language, it just follows the numbers along with symbols and also the formulas. If we want to calculate the volume of a cylinder or any cylindrical object then we have to use the predefined formula, V=h (where r is the radius and h is the height of the cylinder) to get the actual result.

Let us discuss here, how Maths has become an important part of our daily life.

Maths At-Home

At home, we use Maths logics while placing household materials, where they fit the best. While keeping the jars in kitchen racks in ascending and descending manner. Using clocks, to maintain the timings.

Maths In-Terms of Travelling

Maths consist of logical thinking and statistics. If you are planning to travel, say, to a new city, then of course for the first time you have to get to know the budget it will cost for. You will build your own statistics based upon the journey tickets (both up and down), hotel booking, and a number of days you are staying, food and travel around the city.

Maths in Schools/Workplaces/Sports

Maths is a mandatory subject in almost all the schools till Class 10th, after which it becomes elective. But still, Non-Maths students use maths logic, if their subject demands so. In the companies you work for, you have salary calculations based upon your attendance, number of work assigned to you etc. Sports, consist of a number of teams, number of players and scores.

Therefore, whether it’s the matter of fitting the rectangular box in a cupboard for which we need to use area of the rectangle formula or ordering the food from a menu in a restaurant, we apply maths principles everywhere.

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