Money and Time-Saving Tips and Tricks: 2018 Holidays Shopping Edition


The holiday season is just around the corner and things are bound to get tense. All the relatives and friends are expecting a nice present for the occasion. And aren’t we all expecting a present or two? No one can blame us. But, due to all the fuss about the holidays, shops are becoming more and more clogged by worrying customers. However, continue reading this article if you want to know how to have a stress-free, money-saving shopping experience that won’t take ages to complete.

Make a list

Before heading out or going online to look for holiday gifts, be sure to make a list so that you don’t get lost. It doesn’t matter whether the gift is big or small. Include ideas of what to give each person and always have your budget in mind while at it. Overspending is certainly not a good option so pay special attention to your finances. Also, make sure to include people who will receive holiday tips. For example, your doorman, babysitter, mail carrier etc. Plan before taking action.

No procrastination

Overspending or being late with holiday shopping tends to happen when people procrastinate. It is one of the surest ways to overspend and buy not-so-creative gifts because of the rush. The more you wait, the bigger the crowds in shopping malls, the longer the delivery time in online retail shops. Bear that in mind. Also, many stores increase their prices as time goes by. One item will cost more two days before Christmas than twenty-two days before it.

Credit over debit

Use credit over debit. Why? Because if you need to return something after you’ve bought it online, you can get your money faster. In case you used a credit card though. When a person shops with a debit card, the money comes out of your checking account and thus it takes more time to replace the funds. Another important thing is the danger that lurks due to harmful sites. Info from your checking account being shared on various sites is not a good thing. Bear that in mind.

Take sales/special deals to your advantage

There are always some retailers that offer good deals just before holidays. For example, The Works has an event called Cyber Monday. During that period, electronics, art & craft, toys and games, almost everything is cheaper. People get the chance to buy at a lower price. That’s why you need to find your own good Cyber Monday Deal and surprise everyone with great gifts but still save some money. This event usually takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Do your homework

Research online each and every gift you’ve decided to buy. Do that if you are not sure what item to buy. For example, you want to buy a gaming console for your nephew but you have no idea what gaming console is good. Go online and look for reviews and comments. Take your time and see what people are saying about various items. Returning an item can be a real pain in the neck.


Carefully read these tips again and start preparing for holiday shopping. Make sure that you’re the one with the coolest gifts this year. Your friends and family members will appreciate it and the holiday atmosphere will be even better in your home.


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