MOTOSPEED 104 Gaming Esport Keyboard


So after lots of individuals asking me to have a look at this key-board, I’ve lastly handled to get an overview device let you know people. And I think lots of individuals have requested it, because it’s like everywhere on the world wide web, and is relatively inexpensive for a technical key-board.


The MOTOSPEED 104 is a full-sized 104 key structure, which is usually shown in the style and style name. And I know many technical Computer Peripherals keyboard aren’t full-sized, especially these full-sized forums, so this is actually quite a unique item. So if you do really need that numpad with you at all times, then we do have the numpad.


First opinions is that it’s mild, filter, and thin for a technical key-board, especially for a full-sized key-board. The key purpose why as to why it’s so mild is because it uses thin nasty and aluminum, just like many of the computer keyboard in these types. The dark nasty MOTOSPEED 104 has a small structure to it, but is usually sleek, so finger prints won’t display. And the aluminum is usually applied, but again, is quie sleek, so the finger prints aren’t as obvious, as rougher applied aluminum completes.


MOTOSPEED 104 is an RGB key-board which is a great function to have. It’s not RGB to the level of the 16. 8 thousand color variety of other gadgets, rather it has the primary colors and few in between.


These use Outemu Red changes, which is an incredibly typical China replicated of the In German made Cherry MX changes in Computer Peripherals. So generally they simulate the Cherry MX Doldrums, but are contact tougher and noisier. And since they are imitations, yes, you can place on whatever upgraded keycaps you need.

Blues are of a method weight, and they are clicky. So when you achieve midway, you will experience the responsive push, and listen to the noisy just click on Computer Peripherals.


So overall, MOTOSPEED 104 is usually a unique item. In that it’s a low priced key-board, which is usually available everywhere on the World Wide Web, and even under different manufacturers, but it’s also RGB, BUT it’s also full-sized.

The key-board is very mild, but that does not imply it’s not designed well. It does function an aluminum plate, and together with the PCB there’s hardly any bend, so there’s no issues there.

I think the appearance are not borderline, but on the way to the other side with a gamery visual. The style is completely excellent, but it’s the applied aluminum, gamery typeface around the keycaps, and the unnecessary top right area that turn it into a bit more unpleasant. But still, it’s an idea factor, and it’s still quite new overall.

And with all that said, if you have a limited price range, then this may be the one for you. Otherwise, if you can, preserve up a bit more and purchase something a bit better designed.

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