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Some must visit temples during your South India tour


South India is a tourist destination in its own merit. There are many places to visit here and many natural wonders that you ought to see with your own eyes to understand their beauty. Of all the many wonderful things that South India boasts of as a tourist destination, its temples capture those who have a penchant for appreciating ancient architecture and with a spiritual soul.

May it be Kerala or Tamil Nadu, every state of South India is replete with temples that have an architectural style that is unique to this part of the country. If you wish to visit South India then a south india temple tour is a must to make your tour complete. Here are some of the most famous and well known temples of South India that you have to visit during your tour:

  • Meenakshi Temple: Also known as the Meenakshi Amman Temple, this is one of the star attractions of Tamil Nadu. Located in the temple city, Madurai, this temple is dedicated to the worship of Meenakshi and Sundareshwar. Meenakshi is believed to be another form of Shiva’s consort Parvati and Sundareshwar is none but Shiva himself. This temple has a unique pyramidal structure that is perfectly architecture with figurines of beautiful colours. The temple complex is a very large one and the city of Madurai had developed around this temple.
  • Jambukeswarar Temple: A lot of temples in South India are dedicated to Lord Shiva since he was the principle God of the people of this region for many centuries. This is one of the most famous temples that is dedicated to Shiva, which is situated in Tamil Nadu. There are five temples in Tamil Nadu where Shiva is worshipped in the water lingam form and this is one of them. The temple complex is an elaborate one with an outer precinct and an inner sanctum where the lingam is kept. It was built by Kocengannan, a Chola King, around 1700-1800 years back!
  • Chamundeshwari Temple: If you want to visit a temple that boasts of a typical Dravidian style of architecture then a visit to the Chamundeshwari Temple is a must. It is located in Mysuru in the state of Karnataka. It was a structure that was built by the might Kings of Hoysala who were one of the most prominent rulers of this region. It is dedicated to Devi Chamunda and is believed to be very auspicious. People traverse a climb of 1008 steps to reach the inner precinct of the temple.
  • Veerabhadra Temple: Dedicated to Durga and Vishnu, this is one of the most famous temples of South India. It is located in Lepakshi which is in Andhra Pradesh. This was built sometime during the 16th
  • Vittala Temple: You ought to head out Hampi in Karnataka to visit the Vittala Temple once. This is dedicated to Lord Vittala which is another name for Vishnu. This Dravidian style temple too was built during the 16th

These are the top 5 temples of South India that you ought to cover when touring and exploring this part of India.

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