An Overview of Cancer During Pregnancy


It has to be stated that cancer during pregnancy works out to be pretty uncommon. Medical oncology in pregnancy is not sure on how to deal with it during pregnancy. The best part is that many women are continuing the treatment during pregnancy as well. What it means that there is more information on how to cope up with pregnancy during pregnancy. It has to be stated that cancer rarely affects the developing baby. If you are known to have cancer during pregnancy it does take a mental toll on the baby and the mother. The need of the hour is to locate a health care provider you has the required experience in treating women who are prone to cancer.

There is varied type of cancers that tends to occur in pregnant women and it extends to the younger group as well. Cervical, breast and thyroid cancer are the common types. Out of this breast cancer happens to be the most common in case of pregnant women. 1 out of 20,000 women are part of this cancer during pregnancy and this is also a small figure. The shape and texture of each and every woman does change during the course of pregnancy that does become difficult to detect as well. It has to be stated that the diagnosis does become difficult and it takes a lot of time than a non-pregnant woman.

To diagnose early works out to be the key

When you are pregnant it does delay the cancer diagnosis. The reason for it is that some of the symptoms like rectal bleeding, bloating etc. work out to be the common symptoms during pregnancy as well. Pregnancy pain medicine might provide you with a degree of relief, but we need to get into the depth of the problem as well. The worst part is that sometimes pregnancy could uncover cancer. Say for example a Pap test is being conducted in the early stages of pregnancy to detect cervical cancer. Coupled with the fact that an ultrasound may also be conducted to figure out ovarian cancer.

If cancer is detected in the early phase of pregnancy your health care provider may ask you to undergo a serious of diagnostic tests. Some of the safety tests that are called for are as follows

  • X ray- does point to the fact that the radiation levels are too less to harm the developing fetus.
  • CT scans- are similar to be like x rays but they work out to be a lot accurate. It works its magic in detecting cancer or to find out the area where it has spread. It has to be said that CT scans of the head and chest are safe as the radiation does not spread to the developing baby. When it is possible women can go on to use a shield that protects the abdomen during pregnancy. Finally CT scans need to be only performed when it is necessary and on directions of the medical team only.

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