Properties of proteins and main sources from where it can be obtained

Properties of proteins and main sources from where it can be obtained


Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are the integral parts of a cell and so a body. Proteins perform so many functions in our body. Our diet must be rich in protein. Protein is commonly present in pulses, fish, meat, egg and sea food. Soybean is the richest source of protein. Protein forms the major constituent of hair, synovial fluid, nails, blood, skin and muscles.

Hormones of endocrine system are also constituent for proteins. Thus major body functions are regulated by the proteins. It is really vital for the living organisms. Proteins are divided in to four categories according to their structure. First of all, let us have a glance over the primary structure. Primary structure of protein is the basic structure and linear in nature, as it is formed from the single chain of amino acids, there is no coiling of protein chain. Next is secondary structure in which coiling of primary structure takes places more over twisting and coiling takes place at hydrogen bond. It is thus secondary structure. It exists in the form of beta pleated and alpha helix.

The third category is of tertiary structure it is a bit complex structure and coiling of secondary structure takes place. Quaternary structure is most complex and in globular in shape, thus it is also known as globular protein. Haemoglobin is the example of globular protein. Proteins in our body play so many roles. It acts as catalyst and break down the complex molecules in simpler one. Proteins also form the structural unit of cell, by forming the constituent of muscles, bones, skin and hair. The other function of the protein is contraction of the muscles. It brings about the metabolic regulations. It is the effective transport medium to carry oxygen throughout the body. This task is performed by haemoglobin. Protein is formed of amino acids.

These amino acids carry two functional groups, one is carboxylic acid and other is amine group. When the carboxylic acid is linked with amine group then amide or peptide bond is formed. Protein is result of such a long chain of peptide bonds. More than 50 amino acids linked together to form this structure. This is all about proteins introduction. Thus we came to know that protein is integral part of the body it is main structural and functional unit of the cell and hence body.

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