The Right Key to Cooling: Window Ac or Split Ac?


Are you also stuck in the turmoil of taking the right decision about which air conditioner to purchase? Then you are not alone. Window acs and split ac’s are two completely distinctive modes with startling differences which can easily create puzzlement at the time of obtaining an Air Conditioner Price in India. So in order to keep away any kind of havoc it is significant to understand the major distinctions between the two. The key points jotted down below will leave you in a better state to arrive on a decision about which air conditioner is apt for you.

Pleasing Aesthetics

If you don’t believe in the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and want an aesthetically pleasing ac for your room then split ac is the thing for you. Window ac’s possess unembellished designs which not really help them stand out because of which they fall short when it comes to adding an extra charm in the room. But split air conditioner Price in India comes in a diverse range of versatile and super elegant designs adding a pop of color in the room making it all the more pleasing.

Pocket Friendly Deal

If you are on a low budget and are in fright of burning a gigantic hole in your pocket then window ac is the most befitting appliance for you. Split acs are priced a little higher because of the embellished looks and the energy efficiency they equip. Window acs on the other hand are on a more budget pleasing side because of their affordability.

The Wall Drill

If you don’t mind infiltrating your wall or your window to make an entrance for your air conditioner then there is nothing more apt than a window ac but if you have thoughts otherwise then you should unquestionably go for a split ac. Not everybody likes to mess around with the beautifully constructed walls and windows and for the people in that lot, a split ac is a blessing.

Space is Important

A split ac has two separate units each performing a distinctive function but that is not the case with a window ac as it has only one single unit performing the tasks of evaporation, condensing and compressing single handedly. Hence when it comes to occupying space, split ac will undeniable require more space as compared to a window ac.

Silent Cooling: a key to sound sleep

If you feel uncomfortable with any kind of sound while you are sleeping then the window ac is unequivocally going to ruin your sleep because window ac’s are not closemouthed because they have all the clattering components fitted in the single unit. On the contrary the noisy components of the split ac are fitted in the outdoor unit preventing any kind of discordance.


Window ac efficiently cater the cooling requirements of smaller spaces in your house or at your work place but when the area is wide then the split acs have evidently proved to more efficient.

Make a wise decision keeping in mind the above mentioned key distinctions between a window and a split ac and take the pleasure of cooling.

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