Ring in 2019 With These Legit Cool Kitchen Items

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Your kitchen may have splendid design, but it will not really jump off the page if you don’t complement it with cool kitchenware items.

A typical kitchen has different items in it, including pots, kettles, stove, oven, knife set, utensils, and refrigerator. The items you have in your kitchen now may be so simple and common that they negate your goal to have a unique kitchen. If you want to have a more stylistic and modern kitchen, you would want to check out the gadget and items listed below.

  1. Portable toaster – Bulky and dirty. If these adjectives best describe your toaster, then you may want to invest on something new, something more modern and bolder. Why not try a portable toaster for a change? While the concept is quite peculiar, it may best serve people who are always on the go and have little time to prepare their toasted bread. This gadget works like a bread knife, you smear the knife-looking toaster on your bread and voila, your bread is starting to get toasted.
  1. Condiment gun – If you think your condiment container is too boring and conventional, then you should check out condiment gun. This fun gadget can make a child out of anyone because of one thing: it is enjoyable. Applying condiment on your food has never been this fun. Just point the gadget in your food and pull the “trigger” so the condiment will start to fill your food.
  1. Spinning spaghetti fork – This is for people who want to have fun eating their pasta meal. With this gadget, you don’t have to spin your fork manually because it will do it for you. Sounds like a fork for the lazy, right? But this gadget’s idea is easy and understandable: it makes eating spaghetti less boring.
  1. Cutlery drawer inserts – If you want to take your kitchen redesigning to the next level, never discount the function and beauty of these items. They may look like simple items to add to your arsenal of kitchen stuff, but they absolutely do the trick. Look for cutlery drawer inserts that will blend seamlessly in your kitchen’s design and you’d be amazed how these things would complement your space.
  1. Potato masher – Making a mashed potato has never been this easy, thanks to a new invention that taking the kitchenware market by storm. Potato masher is the best solution for kitchen warriors who are sick and tired of pounding and pounding potatoes just to get the perfect mashed potato. With potato masher, there is virtually no manual labor as it works in rotation motion, making it much easier and more effective than conventional kitchen tools.
  1. Citrus reamer – Hard-skinned fruits are very difficult to juice, but no more if you have handy citrus reamer in your kitchen. This gadget has ball-tip design that makes it easy to juice even hard-skinned fruits. It does not juice fruits the basic way but juices every single drop from your favorite fruits. If you love to juice your fruits, then you will never go wrong with a citrus reamer.
  1. Scoop sponge – You should know that ordinary kitchen sponges are nests of bacteria and germs. However, if you use the right sponge, you may have to worry less about the bacteria and germs on your countertop. Scoop sponge offers a good solution as its arched design makes it easier to dry, which is very effective in keeping bacteria and crumbs away from your kitchen top.

Gone are the days when kitchen designs have to be uber-traditional as today interior designers are becoming bolder and more creative in designing kitchen areas. Now, if you want to have a unique kitchen, do not just invest on the design and layout, but also on the items you will have in it.

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