Should I trademark or copyright my logo?


Trademark and copyright registration in UAE

The question of getting the logo copyrighted has become quite a matter of consideration these days because people are really confused about whether they can copyright their logo or not. The answer to this question is simple but first of all, you need to have an idea about the protection scope of trademark and copyright. This is because the legal purposes of both the copyright and the trademark registration Dubai are different and the level of protection, they both offers is different too.

Trademark registration for LOGO

If you are selling goods and services under your logo, you should better go for trademark registration UAE. Trademark registration should be your priority because if you register your trademark, you will be able to protect your consumer’s recognition and they will be able to identify your brand as well. In this way, your consumers will get a clear idea about your goods and services. So yes, in this case, you need to utilize your logo for UAE trademark registration.

Do you have a unique logo? Go for copyright registration in UAE

If your logo is really unique and you can utilize it in other ways aside from goods and services selling, you can consider the copyright application as well. In this way, your logo will get protected from getting copied by anyone else and your art will remain yours until or unless your copyright registration expires.

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Intellectual property registration UAE


if you want your brand to be distinguished by your customers, you can go for Dubai trademark registration. In this way, your customers will be able to identify you in a million brands. If you register your trademark, all other brands will be prohibited to sell similar goods and services like yours.

Different items with trademark protection may include:

  • logos of companies
  • business names
  • slogans
  • tag-lines


Your original piece of work can be protected if you register your copyright Items you can get copyright for

  • books
  • a webpage
  • a song recorded on a CD or other medium
  • a photograph
  • a painting

If your logo is unique and is your original piece of work, you should copyright it. In this way, it will get saved from getting copied and if in any case, anyone copies it, you can sue that person or claim your copyright.

If you copyright your logo, you will get additional protection because trademark just helps you in providing the goods and services under your own name but the copyright protects you from getting your name copied by anyone else. You may get so many legal advantages for getting your logo copyrights over the trademark registration.

If you have any queries regarding copyrights and brand trademark registration, you can take advice from legal representatives in UAE. They will help you in taking the rights decision regarding your logo, name, symbol, slogan and so much more.

Take the right decision for your company as it will have an impact on how you carry the things out in the future.

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