Single Rose

Single Rose – Understanding the meaning


Feelings in general can be expressed the right way and correctly through flowers. It is considered to be a non-verbal language that has been quite popular since ages. But, its significance is only increasing with time. The increasing number of online gift sites and physical stores are sufficient proof of the enhancing demand for flowers to be gifted to someone known. Flowers can be given alone or with some personalized message to give out that special feeling and message. At times, whole conversations among two lovers can take place through flowers.

Red rose

Rose, especially of red colour, is regarded to be the most meaningful of all flowers available. It is actually a single rose of red colour that is sent usually to convey the beautiful message of love. Also, are present several messages which could be conveyed through just a single rose. One can easily red rose order online without any hassle from one of the reputed sites. Some of which are mentioned below:

  • Single white rose states “I am Sorry.” This is meant for the significant other. Also, it comes with other useful meanings. Right from the medieval age, such type of roses has been regarded to be symbol of innocence, purity and light. Hence, it will be wise to send across single white rose. This will mean that the person is pure or his/her love is pure.
  • Single yellow rose states love and happiness. Sending it across to the beloved one will mean that the relationship and love is in place and the person is satisfied with it. However, single white rose also comes with double meanings. It can also express jealousy. Hence, great care is to be taken when gifting it to someone. It will be wise to have a note attached to the rose. This will explain the reason for the gifting it.
  • Single peach rose conveys the message of friendship. This is exclusively meant for the lover or the best friend.
  • Single purple rose tends to express beauty. Hence, if the desire is to convey someone that she/he is beautiful, then single purple rose will clearly serve the purpose.
  • Single pink rose can be a wonderful and elegant way to thank someone special. Pink roses tend to exhibit gratitude.
  • Single black rose states ‘it’s over.’ It is a polite way to end the existing relationship. The single black rose is to be sent across to the intended person with a note.

Like mentioned before, single red rose has been stated to be among the most romantic and beautiful flowers present. Lovers have been given red roses to one another since ancient times. Roses in those days, were considered to be the symbol of Venus, the Roman Goddess also called Goddess of Love. Moreover, red rose petals have been used for symbolizing love for creating that romantic atmosphere. It can be spread all over the house, near the fireplace or left floating in water on the bathtub.

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