Social Media Marketing – The Key Ingredient Missing from Your Business


The advancement in technology has brought some really great changes in way of doing things. It has definitely improved every sector and is the sole reason for the evolution of some. Business, as in many other sectors, has witnessed a lot of changes in the past few decades. The way of doing business has significantly evolved and the internet is helping it a lot to keep pace with the new dynamic market.

Globalization has brought down the market boundaries and has presented us with a whole new set of business opportunities. It has empowered various businesses to break off their limits and achieve new heights. Your business is no more just limited to your city, state, or community. Make it appealing enough, implement it properly and it will reach places, you never had! The internet has extended our reach and is helping a lot in improving market conditions by providing a healthy business environment.

The internet has the key to extending the reach of your brand and product to the international market. Before I present you with the key itself, let us look at some numbers. Facebook and Twitter have 2.23 Billion and 335 Million monthly active users, respectively. Don’t forget that this is just two of the social media sites. This grand number was presented to you to emphasize on the marketing strategy which is being used extensively in today’s business world – Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing and Its Dominance

If I use the normal definition to define Social Media Marketing, it is a form of digital marketing which uses different social media sites to attract traffic and create brand awareness. This definition, in itself, is quite simple enough but if you break it down a little – using the grand platform and immense exposure provided by various social media sites to introduce and extend the reach of your brand and product, is called Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Sites provide us with an extensive market, with no boundaries, and allows you to use your creativity to drive people to your brand and product. Besides this, Social Media sites provide various types of feeds which can be successfully be used in SEO of your website and thus helping you both ways.

Here are a few reasons why Social Media Marketing is necessary for your business.

  • Greater Customer Interaction

Before Social Media, businesses failed and that too ambiguously, because of the lack of proper feedback and interaction with their end users. Social Media Sites provide you with a platform which can be successfully used to establish a healthy relationship with your customers by direct interaction. You can also use their valuable feedbacks and use them intelligently to achieve a stronger grip over the market. This is a very important factor because it affects your brand loyalty to a great extent.

  • Improved SEO

According to various surveys conducted, teens spend around 9 hours on social media sites, which is more than one-third of a whole day! With a properly-implemented strategy, you can use this traffic to improve your company’s websites rankings in search results. Social Media Marketing is, thus, a cost-effective marketing strategy which can simultaneously be used for creating brand awareness and implementing SEO which improves incoming traffic to your website.

  • Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing catches a target customer in his/her leisure time, lure him/her by a product, and earn a successful conversion. This is quite easy. Social Media Sites provide you with an unmatched platform with a wide range of potential customers. The best part of this marketing strategy is – you are not interrupting or irritating or setting up an unhealthy relationship with your customer. In just a few months of time, Social Media Marketing can boost the online visibility of your brand and thus improving its awareness.

Social Media Marketing has much more benefits than just these. It can be very beneficial if implemented with a proper strategy. Hire Social Media Marketing experts and boost your business now!

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