Some Common Safety Hazards in Shopping Center Car Parks


There are many people who think that shopping centre car parks are the safe place in many aspects as they have organised rows for parking the cars. But, the fact is that car parks are one of the collision-prone places where safety hazards can be caused in large number due to careless parking or reversing. This area is the most crowded place where you’ll find vehicles always moving on narrow roads. Thus, it creates chaos and sudden accidents.

If there’ll be careless parking & driving without considering about others then it will cause safety hazards in the car parks. Here are some very common hazards that can happen in a shopping centre car park areas:

Vehicle reverse problems

This is the most common safety hazards that happen in shopping centre car parks. In most of the car parks, you’ll see congested and dense area half of which will be occupied by the pedestrians. This, sometimes, causes difficulty in reversing the car. Oversight of other cars can cause collision, damage or scratches to the vehicles while reversing. The better way of preventing such hazard is to check out the entire area carefully for other cars and pedestrians before reversing your car.

Neglecting non-passenger vehicles

In the shopping centre car parks, you’ll see a lot of goods delivery vans, trucks and forklifts. Sometimes, people in a hurry, neglect these non-passenger vehicles, speed up the cars and gets collided with them. Thus, it is necessary to keep the speed slower than the non-passenger vehicles when you’re entering or exiting the car parks area.

Collision with shopping trolleys

Getting collided with the stray shopping trolley is the one the most common safety hazards in car parks. These areas are filled with stray trolleys and it happens due to the negligence of the shoppers. After keeping the goods in their cars, they just leave the trolleys unattended anywhere. While reversing of the cars, these stray trolleys sometimes get collided with them and cause scratches on the surface. The best way of avoiding such a situation is to return the trolleys to the collection bay.

Overlooking the parking and indicator lights

While parking the cars, drivers usually overlook the use of indicator and parking lights. This causes chaos to other drivers and ultimately it leads to a collision with other cars. Not using parking lights can cause serious accidents and hazards.

Neglecting the crowd during peak hours

Car parks in the shopping centre are the most crowded place where a number of cars moving and people walking can be seen every day. This makes the entire area highly dense. If there’ll be a high number of cars then there’ll be more chances of collision with other vehicles. In order to avoid such a safety hazard, it is better to check the people & cars during peak hours.

Car parks of the shopping centre are considered the riskiest place as it has narrow and dense areas. Shopping trolley collision with cars, reversing problems and overlooking the use of indicators are some of the most common hazards that can happen in these areas.

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