STB & Alipay Launch Campaign to Attract Chinese Tourists to Singapore

STB & Alipay Launch Campaign to Attract Chinese Tourists to Singapore


The Singapore Tourism Board and Alipay have launched a campaign to attract more Chinese tourists to the island and to increase their spending during their stay. A host of marketing initiatives have been planned to raise awareness of the destination, to enhance the experience of Chinese tourists and to provide a fillip to the local economy that is already on its path to recovery.

Alipay is one of the largest online and mobile payment service as well as lifestyle platforms in the world. Ant Financial Services Group that operates Alipay had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Singapore Tourism Board last year to help improve the experiences of Chinese citizens visiting Singapore. The joint effort is being channelized to help both tourists and locals, especially enterprises that rely on tourism as one of the major sources of their revenue. The facilitating platform would of course be Alipay. With more services being available on the lifestyle platform and the online or mobile payment gateway facilitating the transactions, Alipay aims to increase spending substantially.

Alipay has been recording phenomenal growth in recent years. The last few months have been encouraging as people are already spending more through the platform. Alipay has recorded double digit growth in spending among its registered users. China accounts for a whopping footfall of tourists in Singapore. In 2017, more than three million Chinese tourists holidayed in the country and spent more than four billion dollars. Whether you consider the count of visitors or the tourism receipts, China is the biggest contributor.

Alipay has come up with discounts and rewards to motivate users to spend more. The perks pertain to retail, attractions, food and beverage among other relevant verticals. Singapore Tourism Board and Alipay are also facilitating customized itineraries to promote the Passion Made Possible brand of the former. The itineraries are aimed at motivating users of Alipay to explore their passions and discover new experiences, attractions, shopping and dining in Singapore. This would inevitably lead to more spending, as envisaged by both partners of the sustained campaign.

Singapore Tourism Board would also get access to insightful analytics of Alipay that would help in understanding the spending patterns and other behavioral preferences of Chinese tourists. These insights can be cleverly but fairly used to optimize the experience of future Chinese tourists and such approaches will also help local businesses get better with their own propositions. It is not just about the costs or the spending pattern but also what is available and how different services are offered. Chinese tourists do have certain preferences and Alipay can analyze them using the data available.

The partnership of Alipay and Singapore Tourism Board may not remain confined to the immediate objective as both stand to gain from the expertise of each other. Innovative marketing of Alipay coupled with the undeniable influence of the board in the country can pave the way for fascinating growth in tourism and associated industries. Singapore has been one of the most preferred destinations among Chinese travelers and it is unlikely to change. It is only fitting that Alipay and local businesses get to capitalize on that.

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