Storage Unit: Basic Need for Companies

Storage Unit: Basic Need for Companies


Logistics for the storage of products, materials, goods and raw materials have ceased to be only a basic need for companies for some time and have become an essential element with a strategic role for business performance. Ensuring the correct operation of storage is one of the basic points to understand the concept of storage and the reasons why its situation can be influenced directly by the products.

However, must be aware of the concept of storage, the advantages of its good management and the types of storage existing in function of the products and goods that are stored.

Storage and storage and their basic differences

In principle, it is important to understand the differences between the concepts of storage and storage. A stocking is more related to the physical environment occupied by products, and can be considered as a complementary activity or part of the work carried out in storage.

Thus, when we refer to storage, we are considering storage activities and, together with it, all distribution and logistics activities related to the movement of all products and materials that need to be allocated to production.

From this point of view, storage is not only a large warehouse, where all the goods, products, raw materials and raw materials of a company, whether commercial or industrial, are placed, but a set of functions which encompass all stages of production. handling and storage of products.

These functions include loading, unloading, loading, storage and storage, not only applying to finished products, ie those which are ready to reach the final consumer. Raw materials and semi-finished products are also part of the storage process.

For all functions to be performed successfully it is essential that all sectors of the company provide support to the storage sector. Thus, transportation, logistics and infrastructure, which provide the means of physical displacement, as well as the exchange of information between sectors and the maintenance of equipment and facilities are necessary for the storage sector to carry out its functions.

Correct storage and competitive advantages for the company

Keeping a storage system working properly presents competitive advantages for the company. A storage managed properly ensures the production at different levels, balancing offers in seasonal times and reducing costs with speculation.

The efficiently managed storage process also maximizes labor efficiency, power, raw material protection, loss control, and productivity. It is clear that the storage system involves costs, which cannot be definitively eliminated, but which can be reduced with the correct use of technology and management.

The storage units Portland presents simple and complex aspects, and this can vary according to the type of material and the norms to be followed. Storage precautions should consider issues such as material fragility, combustion potential, toxic potential, radiation, volume, perishable materials, weight and shape, among others. The traditional storage model has been less and less applied. A model that, by tradition, concentrated most of the production in stocks stored in the same place, is currently based on the “Just in time” methodology, in which the quantity of materials is the smallest possible. sometimes outsourced.

The storage management is thus gaining its importance, presenting strategic advantages, offering greater productivity and greater effectiveness in the logistics of companies.


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