The Classic and New Trends in The Realm of Wedding Choreography


The wedding day is nothing but the most important day in a person’s life. People spend lavishly for a single day to make it the most memorable time of their lives. And when it comes to Indian weddings, it is absolutely not incorrect to say that Indian weddings are entirely incomplete without


Yes! Weddings have now become a “FUN and Dance” affair. And there is nothing more fascinating than shaking your legs on the desi beats with your friends and cousins, chachas and chachis, mamas and mamis!

Today wedding choreography is a spicy mix of classic and new trends! From impromptu dance performances to casual foot tapping, the trend has now changed to a well-practiced choreographed performance. And mind it; we are not talking about just the families and extended families, but the bride and the groom too.

So, let’s take a look at some of the wedding choreography trends at present which truly stand out.

Make your wedding entrance a showstopper– The couple can mesmerize the guests at the wedding by a fantastic musical entry. Be it Soft, Romantic; Rock, Salsa, Bollywood or any other form, this grand entry will definitely leave the audience spellbound!

Keep it simple and elegant with a Bollywood medley- Indian Bollywood is something which never goes out of trend. And if you have a big family who has always been over-enthusiastic about your wedding day performance, let them channelize their high energies by preparing a Bollywood medley comprising of 7-8 hit numbers.

Scream it out with Flash Mob- The latest trend of Flash Mob has become all the rage among youngsters. Initiate the performance by choosing a random person from the crowd and then keep adding all your buas, chachis, mamas and all the relatives. Trust us, it going to be super fun.

Make it a storyline- Move a step ahead in dancing with a theme-based dance performance. It is the most creative and innovative way to keep the guests’ eyes glued to you till the end. Give your dancing a personalized touch by incorporating stories, props, audio-visuals, mini-movies to the musical performance.

Lip-dub like an expert – Stage a performance by preparing grooving Bollywood numbers and lip-dub the dialogues of your favourite Bollywood track and your most-liked actor. It will not only bring that element of fun into your performance but also will be the most special highlight of your wedding.

Make a right move with the help of a professional- To give your performance an alluring effect, seek the assistance from a professional choreographer. This will not only save your efforts of doing the planning job but also will add glamour to your performance. The professional team will do all the chores for you right from choosing the right song for you to getting your steps coordinated.

Creative dance floors- To give your dance performance a dramatic and Bollywood effect, you can even try dancing on a unique dance floor. You can opt for a dance floor with a personalized message printed on it, a dance floor with different lighting effects, LED shimmering dance floors and many more options.

Showcase your own love story- Preparing and performing a short skit is the latest trend observed in Indian weddings. In this, the choreographer will help you to prepare a medley of different songs that depict your love story like how you met each other, who took the step forward, how things got finalized and in fact the whole journey that you as the bride and the groom have covered so far. It not only adds a creative element to the performance but it will surely become a source of inspiration for other young couples surrounding you.

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