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The sport and Scorpion Muay Thai for women


Muay Thai is a combat sport that was developed in Thailand, and was first discovered and practiced back in the middle of the 18th century. It requires great skill and tactical excellence in order to be a good fighter. The matches are composed by short rounds of 3 minutes where the athletes try to attack and defend themselves in order to win it.

 Since the 70s, Muay Thai has become increasingly global, and international participation in the sport has grown exponentially each year. The main portion of participants are male but, as well as the growth in athletes all over the world happened, the number of women participating in this sport also increased. The question you may be asking is “but isn’t the sport too dangerous?”. And the answer is, depends, it can be really tough when we talk about competition and fighting to be the best. Otherwise, and as most people search for it, in a recreational manner it has a full bag of benefits. It improves strength, improves cardiovascular endurance, improves agility, it’s challenging and, one of the most important aspect and reason why people like so much this sport, it burns a lot of fat! Indeed, studies show that the energy cost of a fight is approximately 13,94 Kcal/min. This conditioning form boosts metabolism and burns more fat than constant exercise while increasing the athletes’ endurance. ​

Without doubt, the main focus of women when entering Muay Thai at Scorpion Muay Thai is losing some extra kilograms. Although we can’t be so linear and think that’s the only reason, because it isn’t. Women also search for an increase in strength and an improvement in confidence. “Aesthetic motives and quality of life are the main reasons why women seek out Muay Thai. There are very few who want to compete.” says Kasseane, a fighter and coach of the sport.  ​

Despite the current trend in women, their presence in the sport was not easy to reach. Many contemporary sources tend to cite that women did not enjoy a pronounced presence within Muay Thai until the 1920s. This is likely due to the fact that the sport failed to expand publicly into the western world until this time. In fact, some will argue that women were not seen in competitions until the early 1970s. Another reason is that, traditionally, Buddhist monks would bless the male during a traditional ceremony before the fight began. Unfortunately, these monks were not able to touch women, it is said that the touch represents desire. It is therefore clear to appreciate why few women participated in Muay Thai events. Due to the World Muay Thai Council, women were finally able to enjoy a public presence within the sport after the 1990s. Once this governing body is rather cosmopolitan in its nature, the role of females was more embraced than ever before. In 1998, matches between female competitors were even televised. ​

If you are a woman and you like the philosophy of the sport you shouldn’t held yourself back and you should enrol in a camp in order to start doing what you always wanted.

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