The Various Benefits of Using Jute Rugs

The Various Benefits of Using Jute Rugs

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In most of the cases, the jute carpets are not used widely as of now. However, they are a sustainable option for one’s home as well as the office. Often times, in homes, the jute mats are used for backing several linoleum and carpets. Moreover, the jute area rugs and the carpets can lend a particular kind of look to a home.

On the other hand, the custom made jute rugs would add distinct class of touch. It is found that the jute floors are more delicate as well as fragile than the other kinds of natural fibre carpets and rugs. However, this might prove to be the right choice for you.

The jute area rug that you buy not only makes for a jute rug, but it also provides for attractive and eco-friendly choice for your home as well as the office.

Jute: The wonder natural material

The use of jute fibre is traced back to ancient times. Jute is a shiny and soft material, which resembles hemp while in the growing stage. The jute fibre was exported to Europe in the 19th and the 20th centuries. Basically, jute is one of the low-cost materials and it seems to be just second to cotton in terms of its current usage. Typically, jute grows in humid and warm climates. Thus, countries like Bangladesh and India are the major producers of jute.

Biodegradability: The various natural fibres of hemp, cotton and jute break down with the passage of time. Due to their ability to break down and degrade, the jute flooring options and the jute carpets are one of the best options.

This creates an emphasis on the eco-friendly consumer choices. Moreover, the ability to break down seems like the downside. As time rolls by, the different items would either disintegrate or require being thrown away. Jute would generally break down in the soil for replenishing the vitamins and natural minerals of the Earth.

Fire resistant jute: Keep in mind that jute is not a fire-resistant material. But, the oils, as well as the inherent structure of the jute fibres help to protect it from fire damage. However, fire can light it but it won’t remain for long. Keeping jute matting and jute carpets in homes would assist in stopping the spread of an accidental fire.

Sustainability: As the jute is a natural fibre, it grows at a fairly fast rate. Moreover, this plant can be harvested post a short duration of time. Jute is easy to regrow. Thus, it is one of the best sustainable resources. It does not require a large amount of space or energy for growing as a tree would. This allows for a growth cycle for replenishing itself instead of necessitating the planting of more number of trees.

Durable: Jute is one of the highly strong natural fibres capable of resisting a lot of wear and tear. But it is sensitive to high levels of humidity and water. But, jute has an overall impressive strength and comprises of an excellent construction as well as a packaging material too. The Floorspace jute rug can effortlessly give a timeless and casual look to your home.

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