Things You Must Before Exchanging Money With Your Old Phone


As technology world, we are all in an ever-long process of lifestyle up-gradation; as no one wants to lag behind in the quest to make their life simpler and convenient with the help of advanced technologies. One such technology evolution which has defined the way we see and communicate with the world is a Smartphone. It is not more a calling device, but a gadget that entrains us when we are bored, help us find the way when lost, talk with relatives in any part of the world, extract information from the world, and so much more to become an essential entity in our lives.

However, the smartphone industry continuously evolving, coming with new devices, like the iPhone X with face recognition or the recent success of Selfie is prove how quick we are adopting newer technologies. Like any other tech freak, are you too wish to acquire every launch smart product, but not having enough finances to do so? No, worries you last gadget, which you think is a trash can be turned into cash to help you purchase the newest smartphone on the market. But, before you exchange your money hand from your old phone, there are certain things mostly you do. Let’s take a tour when you sell my old phone.

  1. Reset your phone

Firstly you reset your old phone before accepting money for your smartphone. Performing a factory reset is the best way that establishes your data cannot be retrieved ever. Once you do the factory reset, all the information will be erased. The process of doing this is quite simple, all you need to do is go to the “Settings”, and there hit the virtual button “Backup & Reset” and hit the Factory reset. You will be asked to enter your phone PIN. After this your smartphone won’t take much time for this, it is a matter of few minutes. One thing to note in here is that your smartphone may be having a micro SD; the factory reset won’t erase the data of the memory card. So, the simplest way is to remove the card and insert into your new phone.

  1. Backup your phone

 Before you reset your smartphone, it is crucial to have a backup of your personal details. You either have a backup online on platforms like the Google drive or offline such as another smartphone, laptop or a micro SD card.

  1. Documentation work

It is of paramount importance to get the documentation work done to avoid any sort of hassles later on. The documentation doesn’t need to big, just a piece of paper upon which the buyer party accepts he or she obtained your smartphone for a certain price. So, in case, the buyer use it for unethical purposes, you are not responsible for it.

Another thing to take into account when you sell my old phone is where you sale it, make sure it is a reliable place to stay clear of the hassles for lifelong.

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