Things to Prepare Before Your Big Move to UAE

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Moving with your family to another country is plainly a bold move. As newcomers to another nation, you may find it difficult to blend in with the people, the country’s culture, working environment, and lifestyle. You may also find it challenging to find a good British nursery in Dubai where your child or kids could study. However, if your family is capable of adapting to new lifestyle without any problem, then moving to another country should be exciting and fun.

In the past decade, Dubai has captured worldwide attention for its rapid economic growth. The city is well-known for its marvelous and epic structures like the Burj Al Arab, BurjKhalifa, Palm Islands, and Dubai Marina. Simply put, this city is quickly becoming the go-to place of tourists coming from the United States, Australia, and European countries. In the past several years, Dubai did not only become a tourist magnet as it also captured the interest of people wanting to live in another country; hence, Dubai has very rich expatriate communities.

If you have decided to move with your family to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in Dubai in particular, you should first iron out the details of your move by preparing beforehand the things you would need.

Prepare documents. Before anything else, make sure that your own and your family’s passports are valid. Aside from passport, be sure that you already have a visa prepared. Applying for visa may take several months depending on the processing period in your country of origin. There are other documents and requirements you may need to present. The best way to know all of these documents is to contact the UAE embassy in your country.

Make reservations. Buy your tickets on time, and avoid waiting for few days before your trip. Buying your ticket on time will not only save you time but will also set the mood of your move. Also, make sure that you have made reservation for the transportation you will be using once you arrive at UAE to avoid any hassle.

Get your international driver’s license. You should apply for an international driver’s license as soon as possible. You will be using this license once you use a vehicle in Dubai or other parts of UAE.

Arrange insurance. Make sure that all documents related to your and family members’ travel insurance and health insurance are ready. It is also advisable to contact your insurer to learn more about their policies if there will be any changes.

Notify your landlord. If your family is renting an apartment, then you should inform your landlord that you will be moving to Dubai. Doing this will clear things related to your rental contract.

Do a garage sale. You will not be bringing everything with you when you move to Dubai. For the items you will be bringing, it is best that you sell them through a garage sale. The profit you will get from that garage sale can be used for buying new items when you arrive in Dubai.

Cancel utilities and subscription to clubs and associations. Cancel your utilities in advance, including electricity, water, telephone, cable television, Internet, gas, oil, and newspaper. It is also recommended to cancel in advance membership to clubs, associations, courses, and other organizations.

Contact a British nursery in Dubai in advance. If you have a child, finding a good school for him or her should one of your priorities. Don’t make the mistake of looking for a school only when you get there, it is important to do this way ahead of time.

Inform your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Let them know that you will be moving. Also, inform them about your would-be address in Dubai. You would also want to get their contact information like cell phone number, email address, and even social media profiles so you can easily communicate with them once you are in Dubai.

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