Titan Watches Are One of the Best Brands


TITAN industry itself has been online since 1984, and is often collaboration between this TATA Group along with TIDCO a federal company. TITAN industry currently is the largest watch company on the planet to 5 by having an average annual develops 15 million pieces of watches; it is not difficult to obtain because of the TITAN watches these watches may be met in 34 countries and distributed over 2000 sites. So it is just not surprising that most of these watches lover timepieces owned by 3 rd EVERY second of computer!

Assisted by 6000 professional workers with all the equipment that can make the

Watches TITAN continues to innovate and evolve while using times and the globe of fashion themselves.

Variety collection connected with Titan

Titan watches present you with a diverse collection connected with watches, from BORDER, HTSE, Automatics, Octane and Purple with various options that may be enjoyed by almost all ages.

Titan Wristwatches

One of EDGE is often a masterpiece collection connected with brand watches

TITAN, having a thickness of only one: 15 mm and it is the world’s thinnest watch up to now. Apart from there’s also the invention HTSE watches solarnya, unlike other solar watches that want solar energy drive an automobile the motor of this hour, HTSE can move in spite of rays of polish, this is a new innovation not only on the planet of fashion but also on the planet of technology, and others innovations and new stuff that appear on this particular TITAN watches along with various choices very much for a incredibly young age around adults can take advantage of this watch brand.


TITAN industry is able to expand to Philippines with ELITE

INTERNATIONAL as sole distributor that may be already very experienced on the planet of watches.

“We are excited to bring TITAN to Philippines. TITAN is a brand

Watches are small, energetic and identifiable with fashionable life style. We believe the development on the TITAN in the state with the biggest market in Southeast Asia will probably be phenomenal “said Mr. HG Raghunath, Chief executive Office of timepieces and accessories in the Division of TITAN TITAN timepieces launch event with Indonesia.

As the many populous country on the planet 4, TITAN will definitely demand by the folks of Indonesia are extremely understanding of this development and progress on the world of trend and lifestyle.

WATCH STUDIO because the Official Store connected with brand watches TITAN, continues to be prepared by

All the innovations made available from TITAN itself in addition to supported by after sales service as well as social networking that permits each customer to obtain any information regarding the brand being distributed in WATCH FACILITY itself.

Titan realizing that the market wanted something to be excited about watches began an extensive marketing campaign.

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