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Top 5 Most Used Brass Knob

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Did you know that more than 20% of the knob is powered by brass and ceramics? Everyone has been looking out for a stylish knob that transforms their room into a classic piece of stylish look. Here is the top 5 brass knob that would get you stunning look at your room.

  • Tiny Brass knob

Most of us use medium sized knob while some use tiny knobs. When it comes to small drawers, a tiny brass knob can be a perfect fit for that. In case you want to get something secret in your secretary cabinets, then tiny brass came in handy.  Since this brass knob is made only of 3/8 diameter, it can be an ideal for the doors of front book cases. It is made up of high-quality brass and polished with a cute finish.

  • Oval brass cupboard knob

With the pleasing touch and attractive design, this small oval knob is ideal for any room. It transforms your room to the great picture of classic finishes. Being a durable brass, it is a water proof and can withstand all the weather condition. On top of that, it is resistant to rust as well as corrosion. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically over the cabinet door and small drawers. This is one of the most lovely antique brass cupboard knobs, which would be a favorite one for your kids.

  • Pull over knob

This stunning knob looks like a traditional rope border that enables one to pull the knob at ease. It is attractive enough to be attached to your kitchen. Besides attractive, it is a durable brass that can sustain the quality of a material. Whether a drawer or cupboard, you can couple it with a matching rope knob. The sales of the pull over knob are increasing apparently since it is available at an affordable price. There are more than 6 classic finishes available, which are formed from the brass by heating it with high pressure dies.

  • Streamlined deco pull

This stunning streamlined deco pull can be a favorite choice for cabinet and kitchen ideas. It can be mounted horizontally on the cupboard doors or drawers. These brass drawer knobs are perfect for Deco style furniture. You can recast the original version by using a nickel or brass finishes. It is a heavy cast brass that is available in 2 finishes. This authentic creation of classic style will fit most of the standard cabinets. It is crisp, clear and easy to grab it.

  • Round Décor drawer pull

From the name itself, you can be very clear that this knob is an ideal for a drawer in your wardrobe. It looks cute and fresh at any time. It gives an authentic look to your drawers. The stylish finishes would get you elegant look at your room. There are plenty of décor drawer pull out there, but this round décor is the one that is popular and most used knob nowadays. It is crafted from the quality brass finishes with your favorite of 3 choices.

From the above brass knobs, you can choose the favorite one to bring the elegant look to your home.

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