Trekking is Right Next to Mumbai for Trekking Lovers


If you live in Mumbai and you want some adventure then why not just go for a trekking trip? come on, it is true that the city has roads full of traffic, streets packed with people and so on but it doesn’t mean that Mumbai doesn’t has anything adventurous for you.

Just make a plan for some trekking near Mumbai and you can get all the freshness and excitement you are looking for. There are plenty of spots and amazing destinations out there to amazeyou and leave your trekking buff sufficed.


At a distance of just forty kilometres from Matheran, nineteen kilometres from Karjat, sixty-six kilometres from Mumbai & one hundred fifteen kilometres from Pune, Irshalgad is a fort situated between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra. This is a twin fort to Prabalgad and is amidst the ideal weekend getaways near Mumbai. The area of the fort is not really huge but there is various water tanks cut fromrock.

Irshalgad pinnacle is accessible by a convenient to moderate three-kilometre trek, and it takes around 1.5 hours. The trek begins from Karja village that is around 11 kilometres from Karjat Railway Station. From Karja village you can follow a well-described path till Irshalwadi village. The path from Karja goes through a sheer ridge and then it tapers to a convenient ascend till Irshalwadi. From the village, you have to walk straight up to a tiny temple devoted to a local deity. Take left from this temple,and if you stand at this point, you can witness the Irshalgad peak onright side. However, you haveto cross from left to reach base of the pinnacle.

Then there is also a water tank onroute from Irshal plateau to peak. From there, trekkers will reachneedle hole neartop through a modest rock-climbing route. To reachtop of that pinnacle, it is necessary to possess rock climbing equipment. Once you are at the top, from thereyou can seeforts of Prabalgad, Chanderi, Matheran, Malang gad, Manikgad and Karnala. So, are you up for this exciting and thrilling trip?

Prabalgad Fort

At a distance of justsixty-one kilometres from Mumbai,Prabalgad Fort or Prabal Fort is situated between Matheran and Panvel. The spot lies at a height of 2300 feet inWestern Ghats. It is one of the most gorgeous tiny forts in Maharashtra and a wonderful place to trek near Mumbai.

 The Prabalgad Fort trek begins from the base ofhill that is around three kilometresfrom Vardoli village that has road access from Matheran. Both Prabalgadand Kalavantinare an extension on Prabalmachi. The time occupied to reach Prabalmachi is around one hour from Vardoli andtrek is moderate. It isrecommended to take a good guide as this route is trickyand not really well marked.

Thus, these were just two trekking spots near Mumbai. If you find it challenging to plan out a trip, you can also talk to groups and organizations that organize trekking trips for people! This way, they will take the headache and you enjoy the trip to the fullest.

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