Understanding Point of Sale and E-Commerce Integration with Windward


There are certain aspects of the business world that cannot be predicted at all. No one ever imagined that one day people would buy and sell things on something that does not even physically and tangibly exist. Well, that is what E-commerce is all about.  Something that started at the beginning of the 21st century has today grown into one of the biggest industries in the whole world. The e-commerce industry is flourishing through every second of its existence and there is no stopping it anytime soon. Systems such as POS ecommerce integration are making sure that it does not.

Such a situation brings up the opportunities as well as additional needs to help businesses survive as well as thrive in such a competitive environment. This is where the ecommerce world got introduced to POS ecommerce integration. But what is ecommerce integration in reality?

The Windward system essentially negates the need of double data entry and eventually united online as well as in-store operations. The orders received via the web are automatically downloaded to the Windward software for further processing. This way, managing inventory becomes extremely simple yet structured and this can be done from single or multiple store locations.

Windward Integration with ecommerce

Windward integration is a modern-day boon to ecommerce business owners as it has opened up doorways of opportunities that did not exist earlier. The system allows for provisions that facilitate integrations with over a thousand ecommerce networks such as Magento, Amazon, and Bigcommerce. Windward integration with ecommerce, Fancy, woocommerce, and Farfetch are some of the other popular ecommerce integrations that truly bring out the actual utility of the Windward ecommerce software.

The Windward POS ecommerce integration, once configured, enables the system to communicate with other ecommerce systems automatically and share with them the Windward inventory data from various physical locations with the help of ecommerce channels, by optimizing the inventory, streamlining operations, and reducing the manpower.

Every business requires solutions that are unique to their nature of the business. These solutions need to be handcrafted in order to suit their individual model of business. The Windward software enters the big picture here and acts as this unique solution. It assists the business and helps it keep running in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. The integration mechanism of the POS ecommerce integration software has been designed in such a way that it caters to the individual needs of different businesses. For instance, the POS Amazon integration has been specifically designed to suit the business needs of ecommerce businesses that make use of the Amazon ecommerce business model.

Features of the Windward POS ecommerce Integration software

  • Uploading products into the system all at once.
  • The capability of reporting from a single centre.
  • Viewing reports of all sales as well as breakouts.
  • Taking online orders as well as fulfilling them.
  • Synchronizing elements such as orders, the product details, the pricing, and the availability in the inventory.
  • Automatic uploads of web shoppers onto the system.
  • Synching of new orders with existing shopper details.
  • Dragging and dropping multiple images all at once.


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